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Libya Militia Arrests al-Qaida Leaders
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-Lurid Crime Tales-
Don Jr.: 'The inmates were running the asylum' during Mueller investigation
[Washington Examiner] Donald Trump Jr. expressed his exasperation at House Democrats during a Thursday interview with Tucker Carlson, reacting to former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill.

Trump Jr. claimed Mueller did not know who was truly running his investigation and that the "inmates were running the asylum" during the two-year inquiry.

He also asserted that Mueller was used as a "figurehead" for the Democrats who were "doing whatever they could to destroy my father's presidency." He said that the Democratic Party thought Mueller, a former FBI director and decorated military veteran, was someone the American people would trust, even though "this guy put in 19 leftist, Hillary Clinton donor lawyers ... [Mueller] had no idea who was running the ship." By continuing to pursue impeachment, Trump Jr. claimed, the Democrats are obstructing his father's efforts to get laws passed that could help the American people.

Trump Jr. was also under scrutiny during Mueller's investigation for his alleged involvement in receiving opposition information on Hillary Clinton during his father's presidential campaign.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/26/2019 00:34 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6480 views] Top|| File under:

#2  So Clapper agrees with Lindsay Grahmnesty?
Posted by: Frank G || 07/26/2019 10:19 Comments || Top||

-Land of the Free
Senators to unveil carbon tax bill to strip $2.5 trillion from economy in just 10 years
[OUTLINE] Two Democratic U.S. senators will unveil a bill on Thursday to curb climate change by slapping a fee on oil, natural gas and coal and delivering most of the revenues to low- and middle-income Americans, one of the politicians said.
Assuming you consider donors and their relatives to be low to middle income Americans Unitedstatesians.
Senator Chris Coons
... Dem Junior Senator from Delaware since 2010. He won a special election to succeed Ted Kaufman, who had been appointed to the seat when Joe Biden resigned to become Vice President. Previously, Coons was the county executive of New Castle County. Raised in Hockessin, Delaware, Coons was a frat boy at the Amherst College liberal mill. He received graduate degrees from Yale Divinity School and Yale Law School....
said on Wednesday he and Senator Dianne Feinstein
...Dem Senator-for-Life from Caliphornica. She has been a politician since about the time she was weaned. Feinstein was the author of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and tried it a second time in 2012. Feinstein has chaired the Select Committee on Intelligence since 2009. At age 80, Feinstein is the oldest currently serving United States Senator....
will introduce the Climate Action Rebate Act, which aims to generate $2.5 trillion in revenues over 10 years starting in 2020. It would rebate about 70 percent of the money to families that make less than $130,000 per year, and use the rest for energy infrastructure, job retraining for fossil fuel workers, and research and development.

President Donald Trump
...His ancestors didn't own any slaves...
, a Republican, rejects climate science and has slashed regulations on oil and gas drillers and coal miners. That has made climate a big issue in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, although none of the senators running have yet signed onto the Coons carbon tax bill.

Coons said he is talking with Senate colleagues from both parties and Democrats running for president to build support. It will be an uphill battle to get enough votes to pass in the Republican-led 100-member chamber.

Posted by: Fred || 07/26/2019 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6489 views] Top|| File under:

#1  NO!
Posted by: 3dc || 07/26/2019 1:02 Comments || Top||

#2  Climate change words spoken by legislators? Watch yer wallets, Citizens!
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 07/26/2019 1:06 Comments || Top||

#3  More kabuki for the rubes. Two Democrats in the Republican-controlled Senate? Minuscule odds it’ll even get out of committee to be defeated.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/26/2019 1:36 Comments || Top||

#4  Funny how populism was a dirty word right up until Democrats started using it.
Posted by: Herb McCoy || 07/26/2019 3:35 Comments || Top||

#5  Both should be required to walk wherever they go. DiFi is a jetsitting hypocrite
Posted by: Frank G || 07/26/2019 6:49 Comments || Top||

#6  Chris Coons - a face for radio if there ever was one...
Posted by: Raj || 07/26/2019 7:20 Comments || Top||

#7  If the Democrats wanna waste their time this way it's fine with me. This bill will never make it past committee.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 07/26/2019 10:50 Comments || Top||

#8  What's populist about a carbon tax? Things like gas and heating and power bills are proportionally larger for poor people than for rich ones.
Posted by: Thing From Snowy Mountain || 07/26/2019 12:13 Comments || Top||

#9  30% SLUSH FUND
Posted by: lord garth || 07/26/2019 12:17 Comments || Top||

#10  "It will work twice as well as a five year plan!"
Posted by: M. Murcek || 07/26/2019 21:41 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
How did the Squad get elected?
[NEO] Step 1: Find a congressional district that’s bluer than blue, where any Democratic nominee is a shoe-in to be elected. Some of these are natural districts, almost always located in big urban centers. Others are carefully gerrymandered to create a situation in which a Democratic nominee cannot lose.

Step 2: Locate one in which the current Democratic representative has some weaknesses. Maybe he or she is a bit too stale, having been around really long. Maybe he or she is a bit too white—or, for the “he’s”, a bit too male or too heterosexual.

Step 3: Recruit a far left candidate from a favored demographic that is a designated victim group: black, Hispanic, Muslim, female, or a combination of as many of those characteristics as possible.

Step 4: It helps if the new candidate is a she who is very pretty and quite young.

Step 5: Primary the current Democratic representative.

Step 6: In the primary, count on only the most leftist activists to show up in any significant numbers. It’s best if the turnout is less than a third of eligible voters, which is often the case in a primary in a place where there’s an incumbent whom people assume will win against his or her Democratic challengers, particularly if they are extremists.

Step 7: Win the primary. Once you do that, you’re home free, because the Republican (if there even is one running) has just about zero chance of winning against any Democrat in this particular district.

Then do it again. And again. Until your power is consolidated.

It can be done in the Senate, too, in true-blue states. But the House is much easier.

That is a way it may be possible for the far left to gain more power, particularly in the House, even if the majority of America and even the majority of Democrats do not support far left politics.
Emphasis added.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/26/2019 09:18 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6509 views] Top|| File under:

#1  This is almost the playbook that the Justice democrats used to get the four whores of the apocalypse into power.
Posted by: 49 Pan || 07/26/2019 9:44 Comments || Top||

#2  The sky really is the limit.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/26/2019 9:48 Comments || Top||

#3  And count on the GOPe to let Todd Akin and Roy Moore types slip through in primaries and go on to lose shoo-in elections. Or send us garbage like Romney. Throw in some like Sasse and you are almost as bad off as if the seat flipped.
Posted by: M. Murcek || 07/26/2019 11:46 Comments || Top||

#4  Step 4: It helps if the new candidate is a she who is very pretty and quite young.

.250 is not a good batting average; just sayin'.
Posted by: Raj || 07/26/2019 15:31 Comments || Top||

#5  Freeze the target.
Control the narrative.
Flood the zone with all identity politics, all the time.
Posted by: Lex || 07/26/2019 21:43 Comments || Top||

House Dems vote to subpoena Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner for personal emails, texts
[Fox News]The House Oversight Committee voted along party lines Thursday to authorize subpoenas for personal emails and texts used for official business by top White House aides, including Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the panel's chairman, said the committee has obtained "direct evidence" that the president's daughter, Kushner and other top aides were using personal accounts for official business in violation of federal law and White House policy.

"What we do not yet know is why these White House officials were attempting to conceal these communications," Cummings said, adding that the White House has refused to produce a single piece of paper this year in response to the investigation.

Cummings said Ivanka Trump has used private email accounts for official business while her husband has used the messaging application WhatsApp. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon also used private accounts for personal business, Cummings said.

Republicans called the subpoenas unnecessary and said Ivanka Trump and Kushner are cooperating with the committee. The subpoenas were approved 23-16 on a party-line vote. Cummings also announced Thursday that the House Oversight Committee would postpone a vote on whether to recommend that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway be held in contempt of Congress, as talks continued with the Trump administration.

The committee's investigation comes after Ivanka Trump last year dismissed any comparison to the use of private email by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which prompted an FBI investigation and inspired the "Lock her up!" chant at Donald Trump's 2016 campaign rallies.

In her time as the top U.S. diplomat, from 2009 to 2013, Clinton sent thousands of emails using a private server set up at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y. The FBI found classified information in some of the emails that were sent or received on the nongovernment system, but federal authorities declined to pursue charges against Clinton.

Last year, The Washington Post reported that Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails about government business from a personal email account to White House aides, Cabinet members and her assistant. The newspaper said many of those communications, during the early months of the administration, violated federal public records rules.

Ivanka Trump's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, has said that since September 2017, his client always forwards official business to her White House account.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the oversight panel's top Republican, said Democrats were frustrated after high-profile hearings Wednesday with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to generate momentum to impeach President Donald Trump. The subpoenas were being issued "purely for politics," he said.

Jordan also clashed with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., during the hearing when the member of "the Squad" of far-left Democrats suggested that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner no longer have an expectation of privacy as senior White House advisers.

Tlaib claimed it was "unprecedented" that Jordan and others were trying to protect family members of the administration. Jordan responded by asserting that the nature of the subpoena was "unprecedented" as was the personal information it was pursuing.

Jordan, who served on the House Benghazi panel and was among Clinton's sharpest critics, said Clinton "exclusively used a private server" and destroyed more than 30,000 emails. Ivanka Trump, by contrast, "inadvertently" used a private account "on a few rare occasions" before correcting her actions, he said.
Posted by: Seeking Cure For Ignorance || 07/26/2019 03:10 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6507 views] Top|| File under:

#1  So way out of line. I wonder--- nevermind
Posted by: newc || 07/26/2019 3:50 Comments || Top||

#2  Cummings has a face that makes you wanna hit it. Bash about those disgusting jowls, poke in his little eyes. Bust his nose.
Posted by: Dron66046 || 07/26/2019 4:58 Comments || Top||

#3  When I see a picture of that nog I think of a rope And a tree.
Posted by: Uleck Spererong9442 || 07/26/2019 6:36 Comments || Top||

#4  His wife is a corrupt criminal, as is he. Prosecute them both
Posted by: Frank G || 07/26/2019 6:55 Comments || Top||

#5  There are Senate committees as well, who can issue subpoena's for the House Democrats personal emails, texts, tax returns. Two can play this game.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 07/26/2019 6:59 Comments || Top||

#6  I'd respond with mailing him a ream of Staples copy paper - 500 blank pages.
Posted by: Raj || 07/26/2019 7:18 Comments || Top||

#7  Ditto that #6.
Posted by: Dale || 07/26/2019 8:40 Comments || Top||

#8  John Lewis, Hank Johnson, Elijah Cummings. i rest my case.
Posted by: SR-71 || 07/26/2019 8:54 Comments || Top||

#9  Are they really so dumb - not understanding that what goes around comes around?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/26/2019 9:21 Comments || Top||

#10  Trump will be dead and gone before congress sees anything from them.
Posted by: 49 Pan || 07/26/2019 9:45 Comments || Top||

#11  At least they didn't use a homemade bathroom email server.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 07/26/2019 10:55 Comments || Top||

#12  Flush the toilet and all those emails disappear into the sewer.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 07/26/2019 10:57 Comments || Top||

#13  Nadler introduced a bill to decriminalize marijuana nationally. His district has numerous "dispensaries". A major source of his support comes from that sector.
Posted by: Phaick Uneretle6310 || 07/26/2019 21:13 Comments || Top||

Gillibrand calls for gouging $10T from economy to combat climate change
[POLITICO] Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) outlined what her administration would do to fight climate change. Her proposal measures up with many 2020 rivals, though she differs in some key areas on how to address rising emissions.

What would the plan do?

Gillibrand, like many other candidates, wants to neutralize nationwide carbon emissions by 2050. She also set a nearer target to achieve net-zero electricity emissions within a decade. Her plan would tax and phase out fossil fuels while tightening regulations. Many of those efforts — like closing the so-called “Halliburton loophole,” which exempts fracking operations from drinking water standards — would require help from Congress. Gillibrand also wants to boost the green jobs sector with prevailing wages, union protection and training to transition fossil fuel-dependent workers into emerging clean technology fields.
Posted by: Fred || 07/26/2019 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6465 views] Top|| File under:

#1  That ought to bump up her poll numbers to 1.5%...
Posted by: Raj || 07/26/2019 0:36 Comments || Top||

#2  back to 1% with rounding
Posted by: Frank G || 07/26/2019 0:40 Comments || Top||

#3  NO
Posted by: 3dc || 07/26/2019 1:01 Comments || Top||

#4  Why not a gajilion trillion dollars? It's as equally possible and sounds even bigger!
Posted by: Vernal Hatrick || 07/26/2019 18:46 Comments || Top||

Arkancide: Case #342?
[AmericanThinker] Epstein found injured in his cell last night.

According to the local report, an additional four sources are giving multiple accounts of the Epstein incident. Two say they believe that it was a failed suicide attempt. Another says that it was a scheme concocted to get Epstein transferred to another facility. A last source says that an assault may have occurred.

Or, possibly an arkancide.
Posted by: Mercutio || 07/26/2019 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6495 views] Top|| File under:

#1  If it was arkancide, he'd be dead.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 07/26/2019 10:58 Comments || Top||

#2  Failed assassination attempt by someone, the cellmate, Tataglione, disgraced corrupt former cop, is right out of central casting. But was it Hilda, some other blackmailvictim, or an intel agency,,,,,?
Posted by: NoMoreBS || 07/26/2019 17:46 Comments || Top||

#3  Clintoncide for sure...no doubt in my mind.
Posted by: crazyhorse || 07/26/2019 19:05 Comments || Top||

#4  We all pretty much knew he was uninsurable.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/26/2019 19:15 Comments || Top||

#5  If it was arkancide, he'd be dead.

It's hard to get good help nowadays. Especially in the joint.
Posted by: SteveS || 07/26/2019 20:04 Comments || Top||

School board member insists online posts about Tlaib, Omar were anti-Sharia Law, not anti-Muslim
[FOXNEWS] A school board member in New Jersey said Wednesday he will neither apologize nor resign after the discovery of his online posts about Moslems ‐ including two members of the U.S. House, according to reports.

Dan Leonard’s comments came after more than a dozen speakers spoke out against him at a school board meeting, the Asbury Park Press reported. Leonard represents Beachwood on the Toms River Regional Board of Education, the report said.

A post accompanying a photo of U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., included the words, "my life would be complete if she/they die," the bankrupt, increasingly impoverished, reliably Democrat, Detroit
... ruled by Democrats since 1962. A city whose Golden Age included the Purple Gang...
Free Press reported.

Another post, referring to U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar
...Somali-American Dem representative from Minnesota. She is apparently married to her brother and may be her own grandmaw on her mother's side...
, D-Minn., included the remark, "Terrorist ... 100 percent," the report said.

Leonard objected to being portrayed as anti-Moslem, insisting instead that he opposed Sharia Law, the Asbury Park paper reported.
Posted by: Fred || 07/26/2019 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6482 views] Top|| File under:

#1  In the mean time Tlaib is getting a big welcome home back home...in Palestine.
Posted by: Angairong Flavigum3253 || 07/26/2019 3:13 Comments || Top||

#2  Fight back.
F--- this nonsense.
Give 'em hell, Mr. Leonard.
Posted by: Lex || 07/26/2019 21:45 Comments || Top||

CA Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Asylum Ban, Calling It ‘Arbitrary And Capricious’
[TALKINGPOINTSMEMO] A the Socialist paradise of San Francisco
...where God struck dead Anton LaVey, home of the Sydney Ducks, ruled by Vigilance Committee from 1859 through 1867, reliably and volubly Democrat since 1964...
judge has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump
...New York real estate developer, described by Dems as illiterate, racist, misogynistic, and what ever other unpleasant descriptions they can think of, elected by the rest of us as 45th President of the United States...
’s asylum ban after determining that it was "inconsistent with the existing asylum laws."
Assumed office: January 18, 2013
Appointed by: Barack Obama

According to Politico, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar called the ban on asylum seekers who come to the U.S.-Mexico border through a third country "arbitrary and capricious."

Tigar’s decision came just hours after a D.C.-based district judge upheld the ban, nullifying that earlier Trump victory.
Posted by: Fred || 07/26/2019 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6467 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I would like the Supreme Court and Congress state that the Border is NOT part of individual states. No more "Judge shopping" --- The US Congress (get a law passed, stupid!) or, possibly, the Washington D.C. Court are the only places that "have standing".
Posted by: magpie || 07/26/2019 0:58 Comments || Top||

#2  Applying treaties as written is "capricious" ? Impeach this judge.
Posted by: Rob Crawford || 07/26/2019 7:09 Comments || Top||

#3  I'm thinking a GoFundMe campaign or its non-pozzed equivalent needs to be started to fund digging into the history of every bench-sitter.

Then either blackmail them into making the correct judgments, or get them removed by revealing their most embarrassing secrets.

Start with Roberts.

Clearly, going through proper channels and doing things by the book has become a sucker bet.
Posted by: charger || 07/26/2019 12:45 Comments || Top||

#4  Again, I would ignore this fucktard if I was Trump.
Posted by: DarthVader || 07/26/2019 12:53 Comments || Top||

#5  Judges from foreign lands should not dictate law enforcement measures in the United States.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/26/2019 13:01 Comments || Top||

#6  Amazing how one unelected judge somewhere can overrule all elected officials.

This isn't what I learned in high school civics class.
Posted by: Tom || 07/26/2019 15:38 Comments || Top||

#7  This guy is already owned and being blackmailed. Most of them are.
Posted by: Fat Bob Javish1936 || 07/26/2019 18:06 Comments || Top||

Increasingly desperate second-tier Democratic hopefuls scramble to keep presidential bids going
Sp3nd mor munee!
[LATIMES] So far, former Vice President Joe Foreign Policy Whiz Kid Biden
...Failed seeker of the Democratic presidential nomination on multiple occasions, vice president under Barack Obama, giving it a last try in his dotage for 2020...
; Sens. Kámala Harris
Former Oakland mayor Willie Brown's former mistress, now a senatrix from California and 2020 Dem presidential hopeful, indistinguishable from the others...
of Caliphornia, an impregnable bastion of the Democratic Party,, Bernie Sanders
Continued on Page 49
Posted by: Fred || 07/26/2019 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6508 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Let the Cannibal Games begin!
Posted by: Mercutio || 07/26/2019 8:23 Comments || Top||

Posted by: Dron66046 || 07/26/2019 11:02 Comments || Top||

#3  Not a bad article by the MSM, but it just reminds you that horse race speculation - laced with snarky observations and gossipy quotes - is about the only thing most journos are capable of doing competently.
Posted by: Lex || 07/26/2019 21:40 Comments || Top||

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