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War crimes suspect Mahmoud Warfali arrested on Hafter’s orders
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-Lurid Crime Tales-
‘Lay it on the line’: Judge in tea party case orders IRS to disclose employee names, reasons
[WASHINGTONTIMES] Judge Reggie B. Walton also said the IRS
...the Internal Revenue Service; that office of the United States government that collects taxes and persecutes the regime's political enemies...
must explain the reasons for the delays for 38 groups that are part of a lawsuit in the District of Columbia, where they are still looking for a full accounting of their treatment.

Judge Walton approved another round of limited discovery in the case and laid out six questions that the IRS must answer, including the employees’ names, why the groups were targeted and how the IRS has tried to prevent a repeat.

At a hearing earlier this week, Judge Walton said it was time to get everything on the table.

"Lay it on the line. Put it out there," he told attorneys for the IRS, who are continuing to fight some tea party groups’ demands for full disclosure.

The targeting scandal burst open in May 2013 when the IRS admitted it had been pulling conservative-leaning groups’ nonprofit status applications out of the usual processing queue and subjecting them to extra scrutiny and extraordinary delays because of perceived political activity
Posted by: Fred || 08/19/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6471 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I was not aware we had Real Judges here.
Posted by: newc || 08/19/2017 1:27 Comments || Top||

#2  Is the head weasel still working at the IRS?
Posted by: JohnQC || 08/19/2017 7:47 Comments || Top||

#3  I'm guessing they'd delay providing names as long as possible and if forced the named individuals will plead the 5th. They can probably drag this out until the next election if they need to (unless the judge is willing to put some folks in prison for contempt)
Posted by: rjschwarz || 08/19/2017 13:18 Comments || Top||

#4  unless the judge is willing to put some folks in prison for contempt

And mean while, I betcha, their fellow travelers in Law Enforcement are digging like crazy to find dirt on this judge.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 08/19/2017 13:24 Comments || Top||

#5  "Judge, It would be a shame if your relatives all had to do comprehensive IRS Tax Audits, wouldn't it?" --Best said with a thick Italian accent, Mafioso style.
Posted by: magpie || 08/19/2017 13:53 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
Madison Mayor Removes Confederate Cemetery Markers
This $hit is getting ridiculous.
[Madison.com] One Confederate monument is gone and another is slated to be taken down at Forest Hill Cemetery after Madison Mayor Paul Soglin ordered their removal.

A memorial plaque at the Confederate Rest section of the Near West Side cemetery was removed Wednesday afternoon. It described the 140 people buried there as "valiant Confederate soldiers" and "unsung heroes." The privately funded plaque, which rested on a granite structure, said the soldiers were buried in the Union state after surrendering in a battle and dying at Camp Randall as prisoners of war.

A larger stone monument naming the deceased still stands, but is planned to be taken down. Eric Knepp, who heads the Parks Division, which operates and maintains Forest Hill Cemetery, said city officials are working on the logistics of removing the second monument. It’ll involve heavy machinery, such as a crane, Knepp said.
Posted by: Glenmore || 08/19/2017 12:07 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6480 views] Top|| File under:

#1  They are US veterans now. You are desecrating veteran's graves.

Prepare for the whirlwind.
Posted by: DarthVader || 08/19/2017 12:36 Comments || Top||

#2  Darth, I doubt they like any veterans - or servicemen - in Madison.
Posted by: Glenmore || 08/19/2017 13:10 Comments || Top||

#3  Shallow, virtue-signaling act of a politician trying to appease his base and get 30 seconds of attention. The memorials to the Confederacy were erected in memory of lost sons who had died for a cause they believed in. They are part of American history, and recognition of their sacrifice and valor does nothing to promote slavery or institutional racism, that was decided by the outcome of the civil war. Being respectful of their lives was meant to be an act of healing and re-unification for a torn and divided nation, and to let us move forward to a common future for everyone. All these acts of disrespect do is worsen the already near-toxic race relations that Obama percolated in the past eight years. We are rapidly heading back to the 1950's with genuine acts of segregation, by blacks, and a sense of victimhood/entitlement that is undergirded by black racism against whites that is becoming epidemic.
Posted by: NoMoreBS || 08/19/2017 13:12 Comments || Top||

#4  This $hit is getting ridiculous.

It's way beyond ridiculous. It's, also, a lot smarter than what they been doing so far - now they don't attack all whites (except themselves) but only Southerners ("first they came for the Jews").
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 08/19/2017 13:22 Comments || Top||

#5  Not even the dead are safe from these communist bastids. Imagine, given the opportunity, what they might do to the living.
Posted by: Besoeker || 08/19/2017 14:07 Comments || Top||

#6  It is bad juju to mess with the graves of people's relatives. Those who are doing this desecration ought to give some thought to the idea of how they would feel if their mother's or father's graves were destroyed in someone's pissed-off fit of pique. How would they feel if one of their relatives were killed as the result of someone's ignorant actions. Yes, this $hit is getting ridiculous.
Posted by: JohnQC || 08/19/2017 14:23 Comments || Top||

#7  Some burial ground 'desecration' is acceptable, some isn't. I suppose calling it a double-standard would be.... racist.

‘Desecration’: Protest against bulldozing of Native American burial grounds for Dakota pipeline
Posted by: Besoeker || 08/19/2017 14:29 Comments || Top||

#8  Really Paul is that the way to treat your most loyal voters?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 08/19/2017 14:46 Comments || Top||

#9  If I didn't dislike the commenter, I'd be inclined to give that last comment Snark 'O The Day.
Posted by: Raj || 08/19/2017 15:40 Comments || Top||

Mayor Phoenix, AZ does not want the President to visit next week... or ever
[LA Times] The mayor of Phoenix has a message for President Trump: Please stay away.

Ahead of Trump’s planned campaign-style rally in the city on Tuesday, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) released a statement this week, calling on the president to halt his plans as the nation continues to grapple with fallout from the violence in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend.

"I am disappointed that President Trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville," Stanton, a Democrat, said. "It is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit."

On Wednesday, Trump used social media to urge supporters to show up at the Phoenix Convention Center for his first rally in the Western part of the country since his inauguration.

In recent days, reports also have surfaced that Trump is considering offering a pardon to former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Last month, Arpaio -- who has been sued several times by civilians who said he promoted racial profiling -- was found guilty of criminal contempt. A U.S. District Court judge found Arpaio, 85, guilty of defying a judge’s 2011 court order to refrain from racially profiling Latinos during patrols and turning them over to federal immigration authorities.
Posted by: Besoeker || 08/19/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6478 views] Top|| File under:

#1  (D-Smug) - let's see how he does without funding due to Sanctuary status. The Feds can always audit the State expenditure of Fed funds as well. Any time. Like now
Posted by: Frank G || 08/19/2017 0:06 Comments || Top||

#2  Opportunistic virtue signaling/camera hunting by hizzoner. The interesting part will be what he tells the cops to do if a bunch of "antifa" brownshirts show up. I hope the Governor has the NG standing by.
Posted by: PBMcL || 08/19/2017 1:45 Comments || Top||

#3  In 2014, Arizona was among States most reliant on the Federal Government. There is no reason to think things are much different in 2017. For every $1.00 paid in Federal taxes, Arizonans get back $1.61. Phoenix most likely get its share of this boodle. It'd be a shame if this money dried up.
Posted by: JohnQC || 08/19/2017 7:56 Comments || Top||

#4  In 2014, Arizona was among States most reliant on the Federal Government

And partly why McCain vetoed the Senate insurance-repeal bill. The Arizona political machines said to: Democrat, GOP(e), Hispanic, Senior, Mormon... You name it, McCain'll listen to it. It's part of how he keeps getting re-elected.
Posted by: Pappy || 08/19/2017 9:54 Comments || Top||

#5  what are the odds that DJT uses the Phoenix visit to pardon Sheriff Joe?
during the rally, right there on tv?
Posted by: USN, Ret. || 08/19/2017 10:35 Comments || Top||

#6  I don't know the odds and have no inside info but I've seen a pardon discussed. It was a travesty to begin with. An Obama-Soros effort went into defeating Arpaio and ousting him from office. George Soros contributed $2 million to a group working to defeat Joe Arpaio. I'd bet that Trump's supporters would back a full pardon.
Posted by: JohnQC || 08/19/2017 10:50 Comments || Top||

#7  Tough titties.

You want your turn at the trough, then shut up.

Otherwise you can go fuck yourself and we'll spend that money we would normally give you on a fucking wall.
Posted by: DarthVader || 08/19/2017 11:45 Comments || Top||

#8  I'dbet that Trump's supporters would back a full pardon.
I'd much prefer a acquital on an appeal.
Posted by: Glenmore || 08/19/2017 13:12 Comments || Top||

#9  Trump should find out who is likely to go against this fellow and give him a lot of camera time.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 08/19/2017 13:19 Comments || Top||

#10  Phoenix is a dem city. The greater area, Mesa and all is not. He speaks for the minority in the greater Phoenix area. When Trump comes the rally will be big and I think he only does it in Phoenix to piss off the dems.
Posted by: 49 Pan || 08/19/2017 15:49 Comments || Top||

#11  The rally may not be that big - it requires advance tickets and there has been a big move by the Dems to soak up as many tickets as possible and then not show up.
Posted by: Glenmore || 08/19/2017 16:12 Comments || Top||

#12  Trump should just add additional days, let them buy up tickets and then donate that money to select Republicans in the state.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 08/19/2017 23:15 Comments || Top||

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Sat 2017-08-19
  War crimes suspect Mahmoud Warfali arrested on Hafter’s orders
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  Finland attack – ‘Several people injured after multiple knifemen rampage through city of Turku' amid reports of shots fired
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  Breaking: Barcelona Van Attack on Pedestrians.
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  Tunisia says IS plot to seize territory foiled
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  Russia foils two ISIS suicide bombers who planned to blow themselves up on the subway in Moscow
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  At least 17 killed in attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso
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  IS executes its Legal Judge in Hawija for attempting to secede
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  30 Taliban insurgents killed as suicide vests explodes in Farah gathering
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  Theft and kidnapping ravages north Aleppo as Erdogan’s Syrian caliphate experiment fails
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  Gang convicted of sex offences against vulnerable girls in England
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  Police hunt BMW driver who mowed down six French soldiers in Paris
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  Kurdish authorities arrest 1700 Islamic State militants among displaced civilians
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  Taliban kill 30 villagers in Afghanistan's Sari Pul province
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  US confirms airstrike killed al-Shabab commander in Somalia

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