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2004-08-12 Home Front: Politix
Don't Yield an Inch to George Bush
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Posted by mercutio 2004-08-12 4:09:31 PM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [881 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Mercutio? By what life-screwing decision did you land on Mary Beth's personal whine list? Just asking - I have enough spam, I don't need her BS
Posted by Frank G  2004-08-12 6:35:40 PM||   2004-08-12 6:35:40 PM|| Front Page Top

#2 I missed the part where she refutes the claims by the swiftees? Maybe Johnny can realease his FULL military records and that would clear this little mess right up. BTW who do I not send the check to before I won't send the check.
Posted by Cyber Sarge  2004-08-12 7:04:59 PM||   2004-08-12 7:04:59 PM|| Front Page Top

#3 "Thirteen men who never served with John Kerry"

Tell you what, we'll meet you half way: we'll agree that the 13 men never served in Cambodia with John Kerry.

I love being diplomatic.
Posted by Carl in N.H.  2004-08-12 8:42:02 PM||   2004-08-12 8:42:02 PM|| Front Page Top

#4 I predict that O'Neill won't be sucessfully prosecuted for slander. For example, I heard some Dem griping on the radio the other day because O'Neill confirmed that Kerry rescued that one special forces officer that tells everyone that Kerry saved his life. The Dem, trying to masquerade as a conservative, was saying that O'Neill was totally ineffective in his criticism of Kerry and the RIGHT needed to come up with a more convincing spokesman.
In my book O'Neill is the perfect choice as spokeman for the Swifties. It would be a mistake to contest whether Kerry "rescued" the officer - as the guy was certainly picked out of the water by Kerry's boat. O'Neill is a smart lawyer who understands words. If asked O'Neill would certainly clarify that a rescue does not imply saving someone's life, otherwise every towtruck guy and the locksmith would be sporting 900 humanitarian service medals.
Posted by Super Hose 2004-08-12 11:02:07 PM||   2004-08-12 11:02:07 PM|| Front Page Top

#5 Frank_ you misunderstand - I lifted this from a blog - outside the beltway - now, that guy is well-known as a non-Dem, so your question is even more valid if we apply it to the original poster.
Posted by Mercutio 2004-08-12 11:32:25 PM||   2004-08-12 11:32:25 PM|| Front Page Top

#6 Mercutio and Fred -- both of you, just an outstanding fisking of Cahill's letter. I'm still chuckling. Perhaps this one goes to the Classics?
Posted by Steve White  2004-08-13 12:24:07 AM||   2004-08-13 12:24:07 AM|| Front Page Top

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