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2012-12-25 Home Front: Culture Wars
Piers fights back against deportation petition
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Posted by tipper 2012-12-25 01:06|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [260 views ]  Top

#1 Pommy bastards like Morgan are the reason for the right. Little Lord Not-from-here should have a fair trial, followed by a first-class hanging.
Posted by Mojo 2012-12-25 01:31||   2012-12-25 01:31|| Front Page Top

#2 US Gun Control facts

1 It ain't gonna happen, buddy
2 Over my dead body
3 Correction, over your dead body
4 Er...
5 That's it

You know the biggest problem the US has, is that your split 50/50 while China is slowly but surely taking over while you piss on each other at home
Posted by Eohippus Ebbealet9026 2012-12-25 05:55||   2012-12-25 05:55|| Front Page Top

#3 For that bit of British encouragement dankie Ebbealet. If any assistance with the concentration camps is needed, we'll be in touch.

  • Aliwal North
  • Balmoral
  • Barberton
  • Belfast
  • Bethulie
  • Bloemfontein
  • Brandfort
  • Heidelberg
  • Heilbron
  • Howick
  • Irene
  • Kimberley
  • Klerksdorp
  • Kroonstad
  • Krugersdorp
  • Merebank
  • Middelburg
  • Norvalspont
  • Nylstroom
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Pietersburg
  • Posted by Besoeker 2012-12-25 08:51||   2012-12-25 08:51|| Front Page Top

    #4 General Thomas Gage, of his royal majesty's Army, tried gun grabbing before. I'm sure you're starting to feel the heat his people did.

    If you're feeling so 'multi-cultural' let me add a line from the Mexican constitution (Art.33), to wit "Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country."
    Posted by P2Kontheroad 2012-12-25 09:26||   2012-12-25 09:26|| Front Page Top

    #5 US Gun Control facts

    1 It ain't gonna happen, buddy
    2 Over my dead body
    3 Correction, over your dead body
    4 Er...
    5 That's it

    You know the biggest problem the US has, is that your split 50/50 while China is slowly but surely taking over while you piss on each other at home

    Eohippus Ebbealet9026 is right, I think, about the gun bit. Also about the US being split 50/50 and pissing on each other, though I would have added roughly before that, for unnecessary accuracy. But while China would like to take over the world, I suspect it doesn't have what it takes; on the contrary, I would have finished with the world is falling apart, as can be seen in the inevitable progress of the Arab Spring countries, on the one hand, and the economies of the West, on the other.
    Posted by trailing wife 2012-12-25 10:40||   2012-12-25 10:40|| Front Page Top

    #6 Votes are now over 68 thousand. I voted for this laughing and with the following ditty running through my mind.

    You cannot hope to bribe or twist
    (thank God!) the British journalist.
    But, seeing what the man will do
    unbribed, there's no occasion to.

    Credit to Humbert Wolfe

    PM should not be deported on a speech issue of course. It is nice though to push back and show his view is not wisdom from on high, universally accepted. Maybe put a scare on him too, as Bedford Forest would say.:-)
    Posted by Dogsbody 2012-12-25 12:17||   2012-12-25 12:17|| Front Page Top

    #7 Thanks for the reminder of that quote, Dog. I'd forgotten it after so many years.

    I've got a better idea than deporting this twit. I presume he's located in the New York branch of CNN (can't imagine this "world citizen" deigning to live in Hotlanta).

    Mr. Morgan, we insist you demand - as an immediate condition of your present contract - that there be NO guns ANYWHERE in the building where you work, or where you live. NO armed guards, NO armed bodyguards (including off-duty or on-duty police officers) for anyone who works where you work or lives where you live. (And no armed bodyguards in between, either.) Announce, with all your Leftist friends, that it's a deal-breaker.

    After all, if you and your fellow travelers Leftists really believe guns are the problem, you wouldn't want any carried/used anywere around you anyway, right?



    F'ing hypocrites.
    Posted by Barbara 2012-12-25 13:08||   2012-12-25 13:08|| Front Page Top

    #8 CNN announced this would all boost his ratings. Lefty thought. Not that I would tune him in at my house. He and his drivel is not welcome in my house. He comes from a country thar enslaved more colonies taxing them to make a king wealthy. If he wants to fix a country I say, "go home! Yours is a royal mess".
    Posted by 49 Pan 2012-12-25 13:25||   2012-12-25 13:25|| Front Page Top

    #9 never watched him except in mocking youtube clips where he did or said something outrageously stoopid. He will fade in his already miniscule ratings
    Posted by Frank G 2012-12-25 18:25||   2012-12-25 18:25|| Front Page Top

    #10 ask him about insider dealing and phone hacking...
    Posted by Bright Pebbles 2012-12-25 18:54||   2012-12-25 18:54|| Front Page Top

    #11 I'd imagine "Piers fights back" like a effeminate slapfight
    Posted by Frank G 2012-12-25 20:49||   2012-12-25 20:49|| Front Page Top

    #12 "Piers fights back against whines"

    Posted by Barbara 2012-12-25 22:39||   2012-12-25 22:39|| Front Page Top

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