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Rantapalooza wrapup
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Posted by Seafarious 2005-01-23 10:01:01 PM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [357 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Seafarious,
What ?
No Pics ?
Whatta shame !
Dont tell me you have no camera cuz I'll have to buy you one :)
Posted by EoZ 2005-01-23 5:20:37 AM||   2005-01-23 5:20:37 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 are pending. They'll be emailed to me, then Fred's gotta stick 'em on the server! And actually, I do need a digital camera...
Posted by Seafarious  2005-01-23 5:42:04 AM||   2005-01-23 5:42:04 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 EoZ if I had I pony I'd been there. :)
Posted by Shipman 2005-01-23 8:25:12 AM||   2005-01-23 8:25:12 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 Note to self to start indexing .coms pics... I really needed the pony in the red car photo.
Posted by Shipman 2005-01-23 8:26:43 AM||   2005-01-23 8:26:43 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 I'm not selling you Apache. I'm not selling him to Half Empty, either.
Posted by Deacon Blues  2005-01-23 8:47:19 AM||   2005-01-23 8:47:19 AM|| Front Page Top

#6 OK, You've got the teaser about Brian and Communists for Kerry in the beginning, but nothing since. What happened? For those of us who weren't there, please let a shaft of sunlight illuminate some of the proceedings.
Posted by SamL  2005-01-23 8:50:02 AM||   2005-01-23 8:50:02 AM|| Front Page Top

#7 Thanks Sea! I had a great time. And Fred is a true Gentleman! Your guest from the MSM was enlightening.
Posted by TomAnon  2005-01-23 11:08:02 AM||   2005-01-23 11:08:02 AM|| Front Page Top

#8 Db, we just havent' agreed on a price yet. :) I put a picture of said hoss over the bar.
Posted by half 2005-01-23 11:33:53 AM||   2005-01-23 11:33:53 AM|| Front Page Top

#9 Thanks, Sea. I had a great time during the call-in. Next time I'll try to make it in person.

Thanks to Fred for this forum. Fred, you're a mensch of the highest order!
Posted by Barbara Skolaut  2005-01-23 11:35:28 AM||   2005-01-23 11:35:28 AM|| Front Page Top

#10 Deacon Man, Apache and half caught in the sink trap! LOL!

Okay... $5300?
Posted by Shipman 2005-01-23 12:22:31 PM||   2005-01-23 12:22:31 PM|| Front Page Top

#11 Sounds like a good time was had by all!.

I'm coming in way late here, but I've just hit the tip jar in the hopes that at the next event you'll get a few more beers in!
Posted by Tony (UK)  2005-01-23 12:33:01 PM||   2005-01-23 12:33:01 PM|| Front Page Top

#12 What?!? No counter-rantburgers from DU to make the night more interesting?
Posted by spiffo 2005-01-23 12:39:59 PM||   2005-01-23 12:39:59 PM|| Front Page Top

#13 We need a graphic for Rantapalooza. I nominate Hogarth's Gin Lane.
Posted by Dave D. 2005-01-23 1:25:00 PM||   2005-01-23 1:25:00 PM|| Front Page Top

#14 good, but not enough hand-to-hand combat, DD
Posted by Frank G  2005-01-23 1:34:14 PM||   2005-01-23 1:34:14 PM|| Front Page Top

#15 We need some from a Rakes Progress...
Posted by Shipman 2005-01-23 3:37:31 PM||   2005-01-23 3:37:31 PM|| Front Page Top


It's just a little too big...
Posted by Fred  2005-01-23 5:06:12 PM||   2005-01-23 5:06:12 PM|| Front Page Top

#17 I took several pictures but most of them turned out to be garbage. Only 1 or 2 are any decent. I had the digital camera on the wrong setting and caused some pictures to be a little blurry.
I know I know, lets all say it together....

Posted by JackAssFestival 2005-01-23 6:00:38 PM||   2005-01-23 6:00:38 PM|| Front Page Top

#18 Digital cameras don't cause blurry; beer causes blurry.
Posted by Tom 2005-01-23 6:03:22 PM||   2005-01-23 6:03:22 PM|| Front Page Top

#19 Sea and Fred! Had a great time, beer was good and conversation riveting!

Posted by Janos Hunyadi 2005-01-23 8:12:41 PM||   2005-01-23 8:12:41 PM|| Front Page Top

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Posted by Half 2005-01-23 11:27:33 AM||   2005-01-23 11:27:33 AM|| Front Page Top

#21 Off-topic or abusive comments deleted]
Posted by Half 2005-01-23 11:27:33 AM||   2005-01-23 11:27:33 AM|| Front Page Top

21:03 2xstandard
21:03 2xstandard
11:27 Half
11:27 Half
00:02 trailing wife
00:01 Bomb-a-rama
23:54 lex
23:49 trailing wife
23:49 trailing wife
23:31 nada
23:30 trailing wife
23:18 lex
23:16 lex
23:15 Barbara Skolaut
23:13 Barbara Skolaut
23:12 Sherry
23:12 Silentbrick
22:21 Wuzzalib
22:16 Mike Sylwester
22:15 Alaska Paul
22:09 Phil Fraering
22:06 Mark Espinola
22:05 Valentine
22:02 trailing wife

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