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Home Front: WoT
SJW or Allan?
h/t Instapundit
[DailyCaller] California man Farzad Fazeli was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to stab a congressional candidate at a fair on Sunday, police said.

Local media identified the candidate as Republican Rudy Peters, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell in November.

Peters survived serious injury thanks to a malfunctioning switchblade, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday. The attempted stabbing was preceded by Fazeli making "disparaging remarks" about the Republican Party, according to the sheriff’s office.
Posted by:g(r)omgoru

#3  Bingo!
Posted by: JohnQC   2018-09-12 07:44  

#2  The Allan branch of SJW.
Posted by: 3dc   2018-09-12 05:50  

#1  Ooops, double posting
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2018-09-12 01:53