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Africa Horn
Security forces kill 3 militants in southern Somalia
[NEWS.XINHUANET] Somalia security forces on Thursday killed at least three al-Shabaab
... Somalia's version of the Taliban, functioning as an arm of al-Qaeda...
turbans and injured four others in heavy fighting with the Death Eaters in Bariire location in southern region.

Deputy Governor of Lower Shabelle region, Abdifitah Haji Abdulle, told news hounds that al-Shabaab turbans attacked Somalia National Army base in Bariire, sparking fierce fighting between the army and Lion of Islams.

"Terrorists attacked army bases in Bariire location in Lower Shabelle region today, then fighting broke out that lasted about two hours. Somali National Army killed 3 al-Shabaab turbans and maimed 4 others," Abdulle said.

Abdulle added that there were no casualties on Somali National Army side during the fighting in the area.

A resident in Bariire told Xinhua by phone that residents have deserted the town due to fears of retaliatory attacks by the Lion of Islams.

"I cannot tell the number of casualties of the fresh fighting today, but casualties will only be from warring sides here because residents were displaced already," the resident said.

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