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Africa North
Egypt's Rebel group calls for probe into Cairo violence, blames Islamists
[Al Ahram] Egypt's Rebel campaign has called for an independent investigation into what it described as the "lamentable" violence outside a Cairo military barracks early Monday in which dozens of protesters were killed in festivities with security personnel.

At least 51 were killed and 435 injured in violence between Egypt's army and supporters of toppled president Mohamed Morsi outside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo's Nasr City district.

The Rebel campaign, which was the driving force behind the 30 June protests culminating in Morsi's ouster, urged the president's supporters, namely the Moslem Brüderbund, "not to drag the country into a violent conflict."

In a Monday statement, the group claimed that it had adhered to peaceful protest on 30 June. It went on to blame outbreaks of violence since Morsi's ouster on the Moslem Brüderbund, the group which propelled Morsi to the presidency last year.

Running street battles between supporters and opponents of the toppled president in Cairo and other Egyptian governorates have led to dozens of deaths and injured hundreds of injuries, raising the spectre of further violence and polarisation.

Rebel also called on the pro-Morsi camp to distance itself from calls for escalation or international intervention.

The Moslem Brüderbund's Freedom and Justice Party has called for international mediation in the aftermath of recent violence, so as to "prevent more massacres" and stop Egypt from following the same route as strife-torn Syria.

Some politicians condemned the Brotherhood's call, urging leaders of the Islamist party to engage in talks with Egypt's interim administration -- installed by the military following Morsi's ouster -- and the armed forces to resolve the current political standoff.
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