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Tales from the Bangla police blotter
[Bangla Daily Star] Two alleged forest robbers, including a ringleader, were killed in a shootout with members of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) in Shelarchar area (east circle of Sundarbans) in Sharankhola upazila of the district yesterday.

The dear departed were identified as Shahidul Sheikh alias `Nut' Shahidul, 40, ringleader of `Shahidul Bahini', and Mujibar, 39, second-in-command of `Bakibillah Bahini'.
Ahah. A Numbah One and a Numbah Two!
Rab-8 commander Lt Col M Faridul Islam said that acting on a tip-off,
"Lissen! Dis is Mahmoud da Weasel!"
a Rab team conducted drive in Kalam Miah Bharani Khal area of Sharankhola upazila at about 9:15 am yesterday.
A bit early for Rab to be out. Or maybe a bit late.
Sensing the presence Rab,
"Hark! My spider sense is tingling!"
he said that the robbers started firing on the elite force which also returned the fire,
"You may fire when ready, Sergeant Shafiq!"
leading to a fierce a shootout.
After nearly one-hour shootout, the robbers fled away into the deep forest, the Rab-8 commander said.
"Flee! We are undone!"
He added that the Rab members later recovered the bullet-hit bodies of Shahidul and Mujibur and some abandoned arms and ammunition from the spot.
"Yes, Sergeant Shafiq?"
"Two corpses, sir!"
"Ahah! Where?"
"On the spot, sir!"
"Which spot?"
"That spot, sir!"

The recovered arms and ammunitions included six SBBL guns, five shooter guns, two air guns, one pistol and 30 bullets.
Don't ask me.
The bodies and seized ammunition were handed over to Sharankhola cop shoppe.
"Here ya go, and welcome to them!"
"Gosh, thanks, Sergeant! Now what'll we do with 'em?"

Local sources said that the two gangs -- Shahidul Bahini and Bakibillah Bahini -- were long been involved in robbing fishermen and honey collectors, apart from kidnapping people for ransom.
"Shahid ul-Bahini" doesn't sound like they expected to survive the experience.
In Manikganj, locals held an alleged robber from Mitora bus-stand in Sadar upazila early yesterday. Later they handed him over to police.
"Here, now! Wot's all this?"
"An alleged robber, officer!"
"Cheeze. Looks like a sack of old clothes!"

The alleged robber was identified as Shamim Hossain, 26, of Bhanga upazila of Faridpur district, police said.

A gang of robbers, numbering 12-14 entered the house of Afsar Hossain of Gokulnagar village in Manikganj Sadar upazila at around 1:00 am.

At gunpoint, the gang tied hands, legs and mouths of the people in the house and looted cash Tk.6, 000 and mobile sets .
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