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Israeli Army Gunfire Wounds Two Gazans

[An Nahar] Israeli army gunfire wounded two Palestinian teenagers near northern Gaza's border with the Jewish state on Friday, a medical official said. "Two Palestinians, aged 16 and 17, were hit in the legs by Israeli army gunfire east of Jabaliya as they approached a security barrier" between Israel and the Gaza Strip, health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra told Agence France Presse.
Assuming the graphic isn't a file photo, I see six people. All six are masked, the one with the back of his head to the camera not very well. The second from the right and the guy being carried both wear the Hamas flag or variants thereupon as masks.
An army spokesman said the two youths had strayed "very near" the barrier.

"Several Palestinians came up to the security barrier. The soldiers used tear gas and fired in the air to try to stop them, but without success. They then fired at their legs," he said.
So y'got at least two masked individuals -- can't tell if they're sixteen or sixty with the masks. They approach the fence. The border guards fire tear gas and they fire in the air to make them think twice about being quite so stoopid. When that fails they shoot at their legs. It doesn't sound real bloodthirsty to me.
Four Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli forces since a November 21 ceasefire between the Jewish state and the Islamist movement Hamas, which rules the coastal territory, ended a bloody eight-day conflict.

The Egypt-brokered ceasefire stipulates the Israeli army grant Palestinian farmers access to arable land in a buffer zone along the border and allow them to approach up to 100 meters (yards) from the security barrier.
I've known quite a few farmers in my life. Not one of them has gone to work in a balaclava.
Israel says its soldiers open fire on Palestinians who cross that mark.
Posted by:Fred

#6  "Israeli Army Gunfire Wounds Two Gazans"

It's a start....
Posted by: Barbara   2013-02-02 19:39  

#5  Ima have a vision.... a vision of simple Zionist soldiers with long locks albeit with good rythem....... Dance Pali Dance! I mean it must have crossed their minds. I mean it would be wrong, but still.
Posted by: Shipman   2013-02-02 17:04  

#4  Another satisfied customer of "Bulletproof Shoes R' Us"...
Posted by: tu3031   2013-02-02 16:24  

#3  The Pali have evolved with self-sealing feets.
Posted by: Shipman   2013-02-02 15:41  

#2  This guy has gunshot wounds on his feet?
There seems to be no blood on his pants legs.
Posted by: djk   2013-02-02 14:42  

#1  Mutual of Gaza Foot/Leg Injury™ policy. Don't approach the fence without it
Posted by: Frank G   2013-02-02 10:03