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The Grand Turk
Ankara bombing near US Embassy, 2 dead, a bunch injured.
Ankara: A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device outside the US embassy in Turkey's capital Ankara on Friday. Initial reports suggest that three people have been killed in the blast.

The suicide bomber, a security guard, a US staff member are reported to be dead, according to the Turkish police. Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs in India has confirmed that all Indians in Turkey are safe.

The bomb appeared to have exploded inside the security checkpoint at the entrance of the embassy. Private NTV television said two security guards at the entrance were killed.

The embassy building is heavily protected. It is near an area where several other embassies, including that of Germany and France, are located. Police sealed off the area and journalists were being kept away. There was no claim of responsibility, but Kurdish rebels and Islamic militants are active in Turkey.

Kurdish rebels, who are fighting for autonomy in the Kurdish-dominated southeast, have dramatically stepped up attacks in Turkey over 2012. As well, homegrown Islamic militants tied to al-Qaida have carried out suicide bombings in Istanbul, killing 58, in 2003. The targets were the British consulate, a British bank and two synagogues. In 2008, an attack blamed on al-Qaida-affiliated militants outside the US Consulate in Istanbul left three assailants and three policemen dead.
Posted by:Whaiter Unuth4031

#5  What really matters is the state department or al Qaeda winning the twitter war!
Posted by: Maggie Flomong2662   2013-02-01 17:25  

#4  Why waste free explosives from the Libya crap their all John mains brothers in arms , was there signs of a high speed chase?
Posted by: Maggie Flomong2662   2013-02-01 17:19  

#3  The way we fumbled the Bengazi fight tells a weakness that the enemy is about to exploit. I expect to see a lot more of this in the near future and some real fireworks next September.
Posted by: 49 Pan   2013-02-01 12:42  

#2  Prelim ID of bomber has been released on updated news reports. Lebanese? This was a remarkably fast identification of a perpetrator. They must have had camera coverage of the outside perimeter of the US embassy. Even so - wonder how they ID'ed him so quickly?? It's almost like they had this person under surveillance or something.
Posted by: Raider   2013-02-01 12:24  

#1   There was no claim of responsibility, but Kurdish rebels and Islamic militants are active in Turkey.

Not to mention extreme nationalists and Kemal-type socialists, but those don't make for good press.
Posted by: Pappy   2013-02-01 10:23