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Good morning
Posted by:Fred

#9  I know a guy who had a half-and-half smiley-face/smiley-skull tattooed onto a shaved patch on his head. It's going to be interesting how he explains that to the grandkids.
Posted by: gorb   2013-01-13 19:05  

#8  Tattoos, spoiling the body any way they can, and unsightly too.

Yes I was Navy, NO I DON'T have any.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2013-01-13 17:25  

#7  It's worked for me
Posted by: Frank G   2013-01-13 16:22  

#6  That ought to about do the trick.
Posted by: gorb   2013-01-13 16:08  

#5  If you read her bio... she quit acting for 60 years to avoid the casting couch.
Posted by: Water Modem   2013-01-13 15:13  

#4  Anita and Bessie Love were in the very first ever talkie musical.

Silent musicals never really took off.
Posted by: Fred   2013-01-13 14:35  

#3  Anita Page; not to be confused with Bettie Page( often referred to as the Queen of Pinups).
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-13 10:27  

#2  I didn't need to see that! RIP, Nicole. Now where is that retina decontamination kit with the bleach and Brillo pads?
Posted by: gorb   2013-01-13 08:31  

#1  Birthday Gam Shot

Nicole Eggert[Filmography](age 41)

Intelligent Design

Women Who Bathe

Caution the links below may spoil your morning coffee!

Time changes voguish ankle tattoo, into passe ankle tattoo.

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC   2013-01-13 02:47