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Syria Warplanes Try to Dislodge Rebels from Military Airbase
[An Nahar] Regime warplanes launched air raids Thursday on a military airbase in northwest Syria to try to dislodge rebels who have seized more than half of the compound amid fierce festivities on the ground, a watchdog said.

The strikes on Taftanaz military airport came after the hardline Ahrar al-Sham and Al-Nusra Front battalions stormed it on Wednesday following a protracted siege, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Fighting continued inside the airbase on Thursday near the main buildings as warplanes and helicopters bombed the airport and surrounding areas, the watchdog said.
Posted by:Fred

#4  I can't decide if gorb or CH wins. ;-p
Posted by: Barbara   2013-01-11 18:00  

#3  Such measures gorb wouldn’t be necessary if the yank and gringo governments would stop applying crab growth hormones
Posted by: Cretinous Humongous   2013-01-11 17:26  

#2  How do you get rid of rebels crabs? Shave one half of your seized military base scrotum bald, dip the other half in gasoline, and set it on fire. When they run to the bald side, hit them with a baseball bat.
Posted by: gorb   2013-01-11 15:49  

#1  It has been observed that their attacks are done in small numbers and they need days to collect themselves before an attack on any facility."

Reading the Benghazi papers I see. Time well spent. Allowing the rebels to occupy military bases channelizes them and reduces collateral damage. That Russian asymmetric warfare training is paying off.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-11 02:43