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Africa Horn
South Sudan detains Somali nationals in its capital
[Shabelle] South Sudanese police has jugged
Keep yer hands where we can see 'em, if yez please!
a large number of Somali expats living in the capital city of Juba, according to Somali residents living there.

The Somalis detained are reported to be 23 persons and South Sudanese police force surrounded a house where these Somalis were living before taking them into custody.

The police later 15 of the 23 persons tossed in the calaboose
Drop the rod and step away witcher hands up!
after there were not found of any break of the law.

The Somali embassy in Jubba is now trying to help the detained Somali get their freedom back. It is reported that the police suspect those Somalis were planning illegal activities against the security.

A large of Somali expats live and have businesses in the newly independent state of South Sudan and Somalia has a diplomatic mission there.
Posted by:Fred