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Pakistani Soldier Killed in Shooting in Kashmir
[NY Times] Pak and Indian troops exchanged gunfire across the disputed Kashmire border early Sunday, leaving one Pak soldier dead in a relatively rare fatal confrontation between the two neighbors.
Look for a shootout with infiltrators - probably Lashkar-e-Taiba - in a couple days.
As usual, the rival armies, which have been engaged in a face-off in Kashmire for decades, disagreed about who started the shooting or what happened next.

Pakistain said Indian troops crossed the disputed boundary, known as the Line of Control, into Pak-controlled territory, where they attacked a remote outpost and maimed two soldiers, one of whom later died.

"Our army troops effectively responded and repulsed the attack successfully," said a Pak military front man, speaking on condition of anonymity
... for fear of being murdered...
. "Indian army troops left behind a gun and a dagger."

But the Indian military said that its troops had not crossed into Pak territory and that it was only responding to an unprovoked Pak shelling across the Line of Control that destroyed a civilian house.

"None of our troops crossed the Line of Control," Col. Jagadish Dahiya, an Indian Army front man, told Rooters. "We have no casualties or injuries."

The clash was an unusual breach of an almost decade-long cease-fire that has largely held between the two rivals, whose leaders have concentrated on building economic and diplomatic ties.

In the last major shooting, in September 2011, Pakistain claimed to have lost three soldiers while India said one of its officers was killed. There have been other, smaller, festivities in recent months.
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