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Good Morning
Posted by:Steve White

#9  re mz taylor... the boobpedia says 36C natural
Note they don't have any mention of Mia just some references to other actresses replacing her in parts.
Posted by: Water Modem   2012-12-26 17:37  

#8  I think that's what she looked like when she walked in on Woody and Soon Yi...
Posted by: tu3031   2012-12-26 17:10  

#7  Much better look'n than Frank however.
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-12-26 12:42  

#6  #3 never "got" the attraction to Mia Farrow. I never saw the attraction either. Frank Sinatra also seemed to cool on her fairly quickly.
Posted by: JohnQC   2012-12-26 10:49  

#5  She was excellent in RoseMia's BooBoo.
Matter of fact that shot was taken right after she saw the BooBoo.

Tannis anyone?

Hail Mort Drucker RIP
Posted by: Shipman   2012-12-26 08:58  

#4  ...the former Mrs. Frank Sinatra. Let's see, he was 51 and she was 19 at the time. Maury Povich to the white courtesy phone.
Posted by: P2Kontheroad   2012-12-26 08:54  

#3  never "got" the attraction to Mia Farrow. Always wanted to buy her a sammich
Posted by: Frank G   2012-12-26 08:08  

#2  On the second day of Christmas My true love gave to me: Two turtle doves
Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC   2012-12-26 01:53  

#1  Birthday Gam Shot

Sandra Taylor [Pet of the Month, March 1991][Filmography](age 46)

Nekkid as an Egg

Gorb, it's Nadia Litz' 36th birthday but you'll probably want to give her a miss.

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC   2012-12-26 01:52