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Africa North
Egypt's Morsi calls for talks
[Al Ahram] Egypt President Mohamed Morsi has invited all political forces to hold dialogue in an effort to put an end to the ongoing dispute over his 22 November constitutional declaration and draft constitution, stressing that the latter would be put before a popular referendum on 15 December as planned.
"I call on everyone to hold dialogue on 8 December in an effort to work things out with love, the rule of law and determination," he said Thursday in a televised address.

"I will meet with legal experts and opposition figures on Saturday at 12:30 [local time] at the presidential headquarters to come up with a solution to save the nation; some decisions will be discussed, such as maintaining the Shura Council [the upper, consultative house of Egypt's parliament]."

He added: "We shall also discuss the post-referendum roadmap, whether the people reject or approve it .. If the constitution is rejected, I will see to it that a new constituent assembly is drawn up."

The National Salvation Front, a recently created umbrella group comprised of many liberal and leftist groups, had earlier issued a statement wherein it said that the "authority" has lost its legitimacy and called for mass protests on Friday.

The front also rejected to engage in dialogue after Wednesday's events.

Clashes erupted after two weeks of simmering tension due to a 22 November constitutional declaration by Morsi, which gave him immunity from judicial oversight and protected the Constituent Assembly (tasked with drafting a new constitution) from dissolution.
Posted by:Fred

#5  "Can't we talk about this, my brothers?"
"Sure. Talk quick. And get up against the wall."
Posted by: mojo   2012-12-07 13:51  

#4  You are likely to be wrong: older peole are likelier to be like Nasser who burst out laughing when the Brotherhood asked for veiled women on TV.
Posted by: JFM   2012-12-07 10:56  

#3  Egypt need to decide Democracy or sharia Law.

I am sure like Iran the youngsters want freedom/democracy whilst the elders want old traditions ie Sharia Law
Posted by: Jomoling the Bald6942   2012-12-07 07:13  

#2  In East Pakistan, later called Bangla Desh, the govt. called for "talks" for about one day. The Awami League didn't have any guns at the time and the Pak army did. They never actually got around to talking because the Pak army shot fifty unarmed civilians the next day. Shortly after that the dockworker unions in Chittagong stormed a shipload of guns brought in for the Army. The talks were over. The killing went on for eight months until about three million people were dead.

After that the only thing people talked about was slicing each other's genitals off and piling them in the dead man's mouth.

But then that is how Moslems actually hold elections.

Ya. Allah, g(r)omgoru, you called it right on.
Posted by: Threater Flusoper9823   2012-12-07 06:38  

#1  Muzzies don't "call for talk" unless they're loosing.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2012-12-07 01:25