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Southeast Asia
Thai teachers terrified as another shot in the back
Attacks on teachers continued in southern Thailand as terrorists insurgents shot a teacher in the back as he was leaving school in Narathiwat province. Teerapon Chusongsaeng was rushed to the hospital with two gunshot wounds and was in critical condition at press time.

The teacher was traveling home on a motorcycle when four men on two motorbikes followed and shot at him. Teerapon is the third teacher to be attacked in the province in the past two weeks. Two other teachers were gunned down before this latest attack.

Sanguan Intarak, leader of the Federation of Narathiwat Teachers, said teachers in the province had decided to hold an urgent meeting today to discuss the mounting violence and find ways to protect themselves more effectively. Teachers have been concerned about their safety after the principal of an elementary school in Nong Chik district was gunned down on November 22 and another teacher shot dead on Monday night.

Chatsuda Nilsuwan was gunned down while traveling home on a motorcycle from the Ban Tango elementary school. This school had first been torched in an arson attack in April, which completely destroyed the main building. Since then classes have been held in the storeroom, canteen and makeshift tents.

More than 300 government schools in southernmost provinces of Thailand decided to open their doors on Monday for the first time since the November 22 shooting. However, after a meeting yesterday, security authorities and teachers representatives decided to keep 17 schools in Narathiwat closed tomorrow and on Friday so students and teachers can attend Chatsuda's funeral in her home province of Yala. The 17 schools will open again on Tuesday since next Monday is a public holiday.

Separately, terrorists insurgents bombed a CD shop and the home of a police officer in Pattani province on Monday night. The attacks left two people wounded and four houses damaged.

At 9:45 p.m. police were alerted that a bomb had exploded at the CD shop and the home of Pol Captain Pong Obma, a deputy police chief in Yaring district. Police officers discovered the debris of a motorcycle and remains of an explosive in front of the shop. The bomb apparently damaged the CD outlet as well as houses nearby rented by police officers. The explosion also slightly injured the owner of the shop and her daughter.

Witnesses say that the owner, Sangvien Tana, was about to close the shop when four men on three motorcycles stopped and two walked into the shop asking to rent CDs. However, Sangvien told the men, who kept their helmets on, that she was about to close. The two men then made small talk with her while their other two companions placed an explosive on a shelf before leaving.

Another motorcycle fitted with explosives was later parked outside the police captain's home nearby. The bomb inside the shop exploded about three minutes after the men left and the motorcycle bomb outside the police officer's house went off about 10 minutes later.
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