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Christian charity worker shot in Pakistan: Police
[Al Ahram] Gunmen shot a female Christian charity worker from Sweden in Pakistain's eastern city of Lahore on Monday leaving her hospitalised, police said.
That's why Allah created them, after all.
Bargeeta Almby, 72, was returning from work when she was attacked by unknown assailants in the upmarket locality where she lives.
O brave Lions of Islam, attacking a little old lady!
"She was returning from her office and was attacked when she arrived in front of her home in the Model Town neighbourhood," Awais Malik, a senior police official told AFP.

Doctors said she was hit in the chest and was recovering in hospital.

"A bullet hit her in the chest. We have treated her and she is improving now," Ali Usman, a doctor at the hospital, told AFP.

No further details about the attack were immediately available.

Police and colleagues told AFP Almby is the managing director in Pakistain of Full Gospel Assemblies, which describes itself as a 'church fellowship' founded in the United States with congregations worldwide.

The organization runs charities in the country including a technical training institute, adult literacy centre and orphanage. Almby has lived in Pakistain for the past 38 years, according to police.

Considered Pakistain's cultural capital and close to the Indian border, Lahore is a city of eight million that in 2010 suffered a string of high-profile bombings blamed on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked myrmidons.
How much longer do you s'pose that cultural thingy will last?
In August last year, a 71-year-old US development worker Warren Weinstein, was kidnapped after gunnies tricked their way into his Lahore home.
Yes, but he was Jewish, so that doesn't count -- it's like expecting a cat to restrain itself around uncovered meat.
Pak officials believe he is being held by Al-Qaeda and Taliban Death Eaters in Pakistain's lawless northwest.

In April, a British Moslem Red Thingy worker was beheaded nearly four months after being kidnapped in the southwestern city of Quetta.
Posted by:Fred