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Israeli Troops Shoot Dead 'Gaza Attacker'
[An Nahar] Israeli forces on Monday shot and killed a man who infiltrated from Gazoo, broke into an Israeli home and stabbed a woman, an army spokeswoman said.

"A suspect from the Gazoo Strip infiltrated the community of Sde Avraham and stabbed a woman inside her home. She was lightly injured," the spokeswoman told Agence La Belle France Presse.

Soldiers and security officers arrived on the scene and began pursuing a suspect, she said.

"They asked him to stop but he didn't. He then started approaching the soldiers in a threatening manner," she said.

"They asked him again to stop but he failed to comply. They fired at him and killed him. According to the initial investigation, the incident is of a terrorist nature."

It was not immediately clear how the man had infiltrated the Gazoo border, which is patrolled by Israeli troops who also enforce a buffer zone that is off-limits to Paleostinians within the Gazoo Strip.
Posted by:Fred

#4  You alwqays double-tap zombies. Just to make sure they are really dead.

(Hasn't anyone seen Zombieland?)
Posted by: CrazyFool   2012-11-27 21:35  

#3  Double-tap.
Posted by: Pappy   2012-11-27 21:12  

#2  Why'd they shoot him if he was already dead?
Posted by: mojo   2012-11-27 17:47  

#1  No EBT card, voting sans ID, no-cost medical care, free tuition, or hiring preference for that fella.
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-11-27 07:49