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Africa North
Egypt's top Islamist expects assassination of liberal figures
A senior member of Egypt's former militant Islamist group al-Gamaa al-Islamiya has warned that liberal politicians and intellectuals who oppose President Mohammed Mursi's latest constitutional declaration could face a campaign of targeted assassinations starting from December.
Michael Totten notes that the liberals in Egypt are a distinct minority in terms of influence. The Muslim Brotherhood is deeply illiberal; in a country where the large majority of people are illiterate and allow religion to guide their everyday lives, a disciplined, motivated Brotherhood is ideally suited to impose their vision. To do that they have to rid the country of competitors, be they religious (the Copts) or political (the liberals and the opportunists like El-Baradei). Look for more pogroms, assassinations, and the sudden need for wealthy Egyptians to check out their earnings statements personally at banks outside the country.
Nageh Ibrahim, the ideologue of the Gamaa al-Islamiya,
Pious looking brute, isn't he...
which took up arms against ousted president Hosni Mubarak's regime in the 1980s, told Al Arabiya that his expectation "was based on an analysis of the political situation not on information."
But since he's one of the head cheeses, he doesn't need information...
He said recent escalation of violence in different parts of the country, including successive attacks on security forces in Sinai, attacks on Muslim Brotherhood offices and on mosques, point to a possible bloody reaction against liberals.
We all know that the European part of WWII started because Poland attacked a German border station...
Ibrahim first made his statement in an interview with the London-based Asharq al-Awsat, saying targeted assassinations against prominent liberals would be a "natural reaction" to violence and mistrust, and political polarization in Egypt.

And while he supported President Mursi's latest decrees to consolidate his powers by making his decisions irrevocable by the judiciary, Ibrahim called for the president to include more civil and liberal figures in his government and take their demands into consideration when making decisions.
And if they don't agree, kill them...
"Had the president included representatives of the civil powers in the new government, he would not have had so many enemies," Ibrahim said. "This has to be done before Egypt becomes divided, not only politically but possibly geographically as well."
Sinai would be a nice homeland for a Copt-only nation. Just sayin'...
He warned that if Mursi backtracks on his decisions, the country would plunge further into turmoil.

But his statement on the assassination of liberals drew sharp criticism from his colleague Essam Derbala who is chairman of al-Gamaa al-Islamiya's Advisory Council and member of the group's political wing Construction and Development Party. Derbala described Ibrahim's statements as "irresponsible" and not representative of the group's or the party's opinion.
At least until Morsi tells Derbala what to say and think...
"This is a very bad timing for issuing such statements," Derbala was quoted as saying by the Egyptian newspaper al-Mesryoon. "This would promote divisions in the Egyptian society and spread fear of Islamist groups."
"Ya maroon! Shut up until the western reporters leave the room!"
Derbala expressed his doubts that Ibrahim issued those warnings based on factual information and saw them more as mere speculations.

"These are just speculations that reflect his own point of view, but are not official especially that he does not hold any positions now in the group."

Tarek al-Zomor, leading member of the group, also played down Ibrahim's statements as mere speculations.

"All the changes in Egypt are made in a peaceful way," he said. "This is the path Egypt has taken since the January 25 Revolution."
Tahrir Square is the epitome of peaceful change...
Posted by:Steve White

#8  I think it's so considerate for the fanatics to provide snipers with a clear target on their foreheads, don't you?
Posted by: Rob Crawford   2012-11-27 16:15  

#7  No doubt this will do wonders for the tourist trade.
Posted by: remoteman   2012-11-27 12:31  

#6  Some guys threatening the liberals?

Shirley, our (US) libs will have something to say about that!

No? Whaddabout the EU libs?

OK, well the crickets are certainly sounding off!
Posted by: Bobby   2012-11-27 12:14  

#5  "I hit Ahmad, Ahmad hits Saif, Saif hits me - we can't get nuttin' done!"

Assassination is a game any number can play.
Posted by: mojo   2012-11-27 12:12  

#4  Sharia Law V Democracy is what the whole WOT is about imo.
Posted by: Paul D   2012-11-27 10:10  

#3  no need for sudden purge of the army

the army is being slowly neutered; Brotherhood lackeys, dupes, etc. are being placed in positions as they open up

of course this will slowly make the army less competent at chasing terrorists in the Sinai, etc. but, to the brotherhood, this is either a small price to pay or, maybe even, part of the plan
Posted by: lord garth   2012-11-27 04:20  

#2  I wonder how far away a purge of the army is?
Posted by: phil_b   2012-11-27 02:39  

#1  I guess that is the green light. "You've been already been warned."
Posted by: Large Darling of the Antelope3345   2012-11-27 01:11