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7 People Killed in Pakistan Shiite Procession
[VOA News] Pak officials say a kaboom near a minority Shi'ite religious procession has killed seven people, including at least three children, and maimed more than a dozen other people.

Authorities say the attack happened Saturday in the city of Dera Ismail Khan
... the Pearl of Pashtunistan ...
, located near the South Wazoo tribal region.

Authorities have tightened security across the country amid intelligence reports of possible attacks on Shi'ite gatherings during the holy month of Muharram.

Sunni beturbanned goons have targeted Shi'ites in the past during Muharram, especially Ashoura, when Shi'ites commemorate the seventh century death of Iman Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson. Ashoura falls on Saturday this year.
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Posted by: dubai11 daniel schnur   2012-11-24 19:21