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Yemeni Officer in Critical Condition after Motorbike Attackers Shooting
[Yemen Post] Unknown gunnies attacked and left at death's door a Yemeni officer in downtown the capital Sanaa amid a series of liquidations targeting senior army and intelligence officers in the country.

Officials at the interior ministry said on condition of anonymity he gunnies fired at Major. Muhammad Hussein Al-Feel while he was at the local administration ministry in Al-Hasaba area before noon Wednesday.

"The gunnies were on a cycle of violence and they shot Hajib in his head and bravely ran away," the officials continued.

The officer suffered serious injuries and he was taken to the intensive care unit of the police hospital immediately, the officials adding, the officer worked as a central security delegate to the interior ministry.

Tens of Yemeni senior officers, mostly intelligence detectives, have been assassinated in Yemen this year amid security disorder which is part of big challenges that were deepened by the latest events in the country including the 2011 popular uprising.
Posted by:Fred