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Fighters of PRC enclose tribal leader of Abyan
[Yemen Post] Fighters of the Popular Resistance Committees have been enclosing Tariq al-Fadhali inside his house in Zinjbar of Abyan governorates since Monday, local sources affirmed.

The sources said Al-Fadhali, a son of a former sultan of Abyan, escorted by hundreds of armed men returned on Monday to Zinjibar, pointing out that his escorts carried different kinds of weapons.

Security officials told Almasdar Online that the security authorities in Abyan called al-Fadhali to surrender himself to the authorities after one day of a strict blockade imposed against his residency.

Local sources said that the security committee of Abyan presided over by the governor Jamal Al-Aqel met on Tuesday and called al-Fadhali to surrender himself to avoid any bloodshed. The sources said that al-Fadhali is wanted by justice authorities after the Attorney General ordered in September to arrest him after due to his incitement against the Yemeni Social Party and its leaders. The committee denounced the" collusion" of some military commanders who allowed al-Fadhali to return to Zinjbar and held them responsible to any consequences, the sources added. PRC alleges that al-Fadhali supported Ansar Al-Sharia, an al-Qaeda-linked group, that captured some districts of Abyan last year before the military backed by PRC cleansed its militants.

Al-Fadhali had left Zinjibar of Abya after clashes escalated between the army and al-Qaeda militants in last June.

The General Secretariat of the Yemeni Socialist Party has accused Tariq Al-Fadhali of plotting to kill its leaders and cadres, dubbing him as al-Qaeda terrorist and asking the authorities to swiftly arrest and prosecute him.

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