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Science & Technology
Proof STUXNET was a capper - The Largess will come in the last data bank
We have plenty of good computer people here at Rantburg. What say you?
Posted by:newc

#10  Administrators do some very good work in the background.
Posted by: newc   2012-02-24 23:32  

#9  I'm suddenly scared of programmers. I need to go hide in a corner now.
Posted by: Charles   2012-02-24 21:46  

#8  Part II.
Posted by: newc   2012-02-24 17:13  

#7  The next hit will destroy the plant.

What is it Instapundit says? More, faster please.
Posted by: trailing wife   2012-02-24 15:49  

#6  The capper is the virus that comes after STUXNET. It collected all the data and sent it back to the original programmers so they could see the effects of what they had done. Bottom line, it killed 1,000 centerfuge and even the brag video on Iran TV proved it.

A more in depth study here.

The next hit will destroy the plant.

Posted by: newc   2012-02-24 14:48  

#5  Actually it's an hour video, and the good stuff comes around the 40 - 45 minute mark.

Bottom line:
1) The really destructive code was only 2 lines. The rest of the code was making sure the attacks occurred randomly.
2) He concludes that the team(s) that wrote this built a mirror copy of the Iranian uranium enrichment facility to make sure the attack would work as designed.

Posted by: Frozen Al   2012-02-24 13:55  

#4  Basically stuxnet was coded by someone with working knowledge of the Iranian nuclear set up. And it was written to deceive not to destroy the process. Very interesting clip I recommend it.
Posted by: airandee   2012-02-24 13:52  

#3  Malware to steal iranian credit card numbers?
Illegal internet gambling software the became self aware?
The pushiest penis pill ad ever, stuck in a loop?
Google's new beta version with enhanced privacy intrusion?
The possibilities are endless.
Posted by: bigjim-CA   2012-02-24 13:29  

#2  Yeah, give us a hint that might inspire us to watch a 30 minute video.
Posted by: SteveS   2012-02-24 11:00  

#1  What's a capper?
Posted by: Bright Pebbles   2012-02-24 08:40