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Bahrain Parliament Stops Silliness; Siren to Wail
Bahrain parliament refuses ’silly’ motion to ban sultry singer
Manama |By Mohammed Almezel, Bureau Chief | 22-10-2003
From the Gulf News
The Bahraini parliament yesterday refused to debate a motion, introduced by Islamist members, aimed to ban the Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram, from performing in the kingdom.
See the picture... Allah’s trousers musta gotten a little cramped...
A majority of the MPs said the house had "more important issues" to discuss in the session. One MP said the motion was "silly".
"But she’s a temptress! We live for examining these issues! Please?"
Meanwhile, the sultry artist, who arrived in Bahrain on Monday and due to stage a completely-sold concert tonight told Gulf News she was "happy" with the publicity.
"Oh yes. I am to hope everyone to have this knowledge and of the most ever tickets!"
A majority of the MPs managed to take the motion off yesterday’s agenda saying it the parliament was supposed to debate more serious issues. "This is just silly; we cannot just waste the parliament’s time over these sorts of things," MP Ali Al Samahiji told Gulf News.
"I’ve got front row, center, myself. Leaving the wife at home, too! It’s a big island, long drive home, it’ll be really dark - so I’ll stay in town at a um, er, hotel - yeah a hotel. I think that would be much safer."
He pointed out the parliament yesterday discussed a motion for a biannual bonus pay for limited income public employees and a revision of the teachers’ cadre. Also on the agenda was a proposal to join the UN convention to combat terror financing.
"After our aides hammered out the details and prepared the documents, we Parlimentarians all had tea. It was tough work... finding just the right kind of tea."
Speaking to Gulf News in the Gulf Hotel, where she signed fans autographs, the 20-year-old Nancy said she had "all the respect" for the MPs opinion. "However, I present a respectable art, and this evident of the thousands who came from nearby countries to attend the concert."
"Yes, I am with the truth always in this way."
She said she was happy with all the uproar she caused here. "All the publicity, even the bad ones, is good for me," she said.
"Can’t a girl be these days too careful. I only can booty shake in the certain places, you know."

#6  ROFLMAO!!! Geez, what a mess. Thx, SW!
Posted by: .com   2003-10-22 1:52:03 PM  

#5  Sultry Siren? And some!

For some reason Fred hasn't said this so I guess I will:

"Oh by Allah! She's got ... curves, and those, those, those, THINGS on her chest -- I've got to go ... shoot my gun!"
Posted by: Steve White   2003-10-22 1:42:27 PM  

#4  Come here to the US, we'll treat you MUCH better.
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-22 1:13:52 PM  

#3  She got my turbine turban a-spinnin. Heh heh.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2003-10-22 11:48:14 AM  

#2  Sultry Siren? And some!
Posted by: Bulldog   2003-10-22 11:04:21 AM  

#1  Pretty nice.That Siren can Wail my booty.

Opps,did that come out of my mouth?
Posted by: Raptor   2003-10-22 10:24:03 AM