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Four Madrid bomb convicts cleared
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Page 1: WoT Operations
Good morning 286 00:00 Red Dawg
Afghanistan installing security cameras along Chaman border Afghanistan 298 00:00 Richard of Oregon
AP Reporter Records Execution Of Women By Taliban Afghanistan 394 00:00 Frank G
British say troops kill Taliban big turbans Afghanistan 394 00:00 Floper Scourge of the French7743
NATO: 'High-priority' Taliban leaders killed in Shindand Afghanistan 282 19:00
Somali Stiffs Summed Africa Horn 283 19:00
Heavy Fighting Kills 5 in Somali Capital Africa Horn 289 19:00
US freezes assets of 4 in Algerian branch of Al-Qaeda Africa North 279 19:00
Spain's Supreme Court Clears 4 in Madrid Train Bombing Case Europe 288 00:00 JFM
Severe Level-2 Threat Warning: Imminent, Gulf State or Turkey Home Front: WoT 417 00:00 Chaith Panda7870
Swat police arrest 3 would-be bombers India-Pakistan 388 00:00 Frank G
Army drives militants from Hangu villages India-Pakistan 309 19:00
Pakistan army targets militants, Baitullah threaten local government India-Pakistan 316 19:00
2 die in clashes between militants India-Pakistan 297 19:00
Jewish - Muslim spat sours Saudi interfaith meeting Israel-Palestine-Jordan 369 00:00 Pappy
Final Court Appeal of Convicted Bali Bombers Dismissed Southeast Asia 321 00:00 Red Dawg
Fresh attack in Thai South injures soldier after cease-fire claimed Southeast Asia 343 19:00
Page 2: WoT Background
Jihadist agreement in Pakistan leads to surge of violence in Afghanistan Afghanistan 274 1 00:00 Paul
Military looking at intelligence before deadly Afghan clash Afghanistan 270 3 00:00 tu3031
Pakistani scientist denies Afghan claim on nuclear waste dumping Afghanistan 273 2 00:00 john frum
ICC Prosecutor Says He Will Next Go After Darfur Rebels Africa Horn 280 5 00:00 mojo
Christians saving the slaves Africa Horn 279 2 00:00 bigjim-ky
Sudan rules out deal with ICC over Bashir warrant Africa Horn 263 1 00:00 bigjim-ky
The Spreading Destruction of the Saada War in Yemen Arabia 287 4 00:00 Snerelet Untervehr4255
Saudi textbooks still filled with 'toxic teaching' Arabia 280 4 00:00 Rambler in California
Russia bans Islamic books Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia 270 6 00:00 Snerelet Untervehr4255
Eta killer's business auctioned to pay victim's widow Europe 266 0 19:00
Judge Refuses to Postpone Trial of Bin Laden's Driver Home Front: WoT 277 1 00:00 mojo
Chertoff: Euro terrorists trying to enter US Home Front: WoT 290 2 00:00 Snerelet Untervehr4255
Air Force brass seek anti-terror funds for luxury 'comfort capsules' Home Front: WoT 283 15 00:00 JosephMendiola
Indians want Kashmiris to decide own fate: poll India-Pakistan 278 10 00:00 john frum
JUI-F jirga fails to end fighting between LI and AI in Tirah India-Pakistan 267 0 19:00
Militants warn US-led forces against attack in Pakistan India-Pakistan 296 20 00:00 Frank G
Turkish planes fly to Iraq to pick up wounded Iraqis Iraq 276 3 00:00 dorf
Shocking Development: Contractors Hired Foreigners Iraq 272 8 00:00 JosephMendiola
Iraqi paper welcomes Diwaniya security handover Iraq 272 0 19:00
World Health Organisation staff return to Iraq Iraq 273 8 00:00 .5MT
Official: Israel to allow more amount of fuel into Gaza Israel-Palestine-Jordan 268 4 00:00 .5MT
Israeli Arab arrested on suspicion of planning to kill Bush Israel-Palestine-Jordan 360 4 00:00 FOTSGreg
Hamas presses for Israeli commitment to truce Israel-Palestine-Jordan 272 3 00:00 Old Patriot
U.S. Says Iran Has Missile That Could Hit Europe Science & Technology 295 13 00:00 JosephMendiola
Thai army suspicious on ceasefire in south Southeast Asia 262 0 19:00
Bali bombings: Indonesia to execute three remorseless bombers Terror Networks 284 1 00:00 Frank G
Al Qaeda's Summer Reruns Terror Networks 266 2 00:00 .5MT
Page 3: Non-WoT
Mexico captures sub loaded with drugs -Lurid Crime Tales- 266 00:00 borgboy
What Infuriates Obama? -Short Attention Span Theater- 277 00:00 Raj
EPA Wants More Regs; Cites Global Warming -Signs, Portents, and the Weather- 396 00:00 JohnQC
Indian border guards shoot dead two Bangladeshi border guards Thursday midnight Bangladesh 301 19:00
U.K. Budget Deficit Balloons to Widest Since 1946 Britain 265 00:00 Richard of Oregon
Chavez party seeks changes for third term Caribbean-Latin America 313 00:00 .5MT
Swiss Envoy's Relationship With FARC Under Investigation Caribbean-Latin America 286 00:00 bigjim-ky
Gadhafi's son charged with beating up servants Europe 271 00:00 borgboy
Gore: America doomed unless it does what I say Home Front: Politix 421 00:00 Elmavirong Johnson3058
Paterson: Obama Defeat Would Be Victory For Racism Home Front: Politix 374 00:00 Woozle Unusosing8053
McCain Rips Obama Home Front: Politix 268 00:00 JosephMendiola
Pelosi: Bush 'a total failure' Home Front: Politix 263 00:00 Newc
Even Al-Guardian notices: anchors shun McCain for Obey Home Front: Politix 267 00:00 Besoeker
A Cast of 300 Advises Obama on Foreign Policy Home Front: Politix 371 00:00 Chaith Panda7870
India discovers huge gas reserve worth $100 bln India-Pakistan 251 00:00 crosspatch
Pakistan, Zimbabwe ink agreement to avoid double taxation India-Pakistan 294 00:00 Nimble Spemble
Bacterium Vibrio Cholerae on the loose: 3,000 gastroenteritis cases reported India-Pakistan 269 00:00 JosephMendiola
Indonesian Avian Flu Mortality Much Higher Science & Technology 246 00:00 phil_b
Page 4: Opinion
Barbie Beats Bratz Badly -Short Attention Span Theater- 285 00:00 JosephMendiola
Al-Qaeda's star is falling in Iraq but rising in the Maghreb Africa North 268 00:00 Anonymoose
Crossfire deaths must stop Bangladesh 253 00:00 USN,Ret.
No Smoking Hot Spot (Global Warming) Down Under 262 00:00 JosephMendiola
The Audacity of Vanity Home Front: Politix 291 00:00 Raj
The Truth About Jesse Jackson Comes Out Home Front: Politix 440 00:00 Deadeye Choluck2323 aka Broadhead6
No evidence of alteration of Obama birth certicate Home Front: Politix 398 00:00 Frank G
Braggistan in the America of the Imagination Home Front: WoT 417 00:00 Pappy
A hydra-headed monster India-Pakistan 281 19:00
The new Lebanon Syria-Lebanon-Iran 311 19:00
Al-Qaeda's biggest weakness is its propensity to kill indiscriminately Terror Networks 278 19:00
Page 5: Local News
Lions devour mentally-ill man in Zimbabwe -Lurid Crime Tales- 249 00:00 Anonymoose
Pizza clerk surprised to find robber is her dad -Lurid Crime Tales- 290 19:00
Today's Scumbag -Lurid Crime Tales- 264 00:00 Besoeker
Great Escape Squadron Leader Frank "Fearless" Day, 91, RIP -Obits- 245 00:00 Anonymoose
Us Brits lub ya ! -Short Attention Span Theater- 250 00:00 Newc
iKoran Arabia 255 00:00 FOTSGreg
Mob Attacks Brit Police Officers For Being Snarky Britain 292 00:00 Raj
North Korea's "Hotel of Doom" wakes from its coma China-Japan-Koreas 313 00:00 Angie Schultz
Voters to decide on naming sewage plant for Bush Home Front: Culture Wars 292 00:00 Nimble Spemble
Obama Throws Michelle Under the Bus Home Front: Politix 371 00:00 tipper

Military looking at intelligence before deadly Afghan clash
  • Army unit trying to set up observation post when attacked
  • Nine soldiers killed Sunday in fight with about 200 Taliban insurgents
  • Pentagon begins formal probe of battle
  • Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [270 views] Top||
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    Jihadist agreement in Pakistan leads to surge of violence in Afghanistan
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [274 views] Top||
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    Pakistani scientist denies Afghan claim on nuclear waste dumping
    (Xinhua) -- A senior Pakistani scientist on Thursday denied that Pakistan had dumped nuclear waste in southern Afghanistan during the 1996-2001 Taliban rule. "There is no possibility of dumping waste in other country," News Network International (NNI) quoted Pakistan nuclear scientist Samar Mubarakmand as saying.

    Reports said Afghan President Hamid Karzai has appointed a team of experts to investigate allegations that Pakistan had dumped nuclear waste in southern Afghanistan during Taliban rule. Mubarakmand said that the claim by Afghan government is a political one and the government must deal in the same way. "It is not feasible to shift nuclear waste and dump far way," he said.
    This article starring:
    Samar Mubarakmand
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [273 views] Top||
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    Yep.. Khan is to blame for everything.
    Posted by: john frum || 07/18/2008 9:24 Comments || Top||

    Africa Horn
    Christians saving the slaves
    Posted by: tipper || 07/18/2008 14:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [279 views] Top||
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    Sudan rules out deal with ICC over Bashir warrant
    Sudan on Thursday rejected a deal with the International Criminal Court to hand over two indicted officials in exchange for dropping the court's arrest warrant for President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

    ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo sought an arrest warrant for Bashir on Monday on suspicion of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur, a move that some powers fear could derail the fragile Darfur peace process. "There will be no direct cooperation with the International Criminal Court and no sending any Sudanese citizens to The Hague," presidential adviser Mustafa Osman Ismail told a forum on Thursday.

    The decision to refer Darfur to the ICC came from the U.N. Security Council so any proposal to resolve the crisis should also come from there, he said. ICC judges are expected to decided in October or November whether to issue a warrant for Bashir's arrest. Ocampo asked the ICC for the warrant, accusing Bashir of a campaign of genocide in which 35,000 people were killed outright, at least 100,000 more died a "slow death" and 2.5 million were forced to flee their homes in Sudan's western Darfur region.

    Sudan has asked Russia, China and members of the Arab League and the African Union to help it pursue a Security Council resolution suspending a warrant for Bashir for 12 months.
    This article starring:
    ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo
    International Criminal Court
    MUSTAFA OSMAN ISMAILGovernment of Sudan
    President Omar Hassan al-Bashir
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [263 views] Top||
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    The usual culprits.
    Posted by: bigjim-ky || 07/18/2008 8:32 Comments || Top||

    ICC Prosecutor Says He Will Next Go After Darfur Rebels
    The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says he will pursue charges against rebel groups that attacked African Union peacekeepers in Darfur last September, killing 10 of them. Just days after bringing charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against Sudan's president, prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said Thursday he would next seek charges against rebel leaders in the war-torn Darfur region.

    Moreno-Ocampo said he has information about the names of two Darfur rebel commanders who were allegedly responsible for the attack at Haskinita in south Darfur last year that killed 10 African Union soldiers. He called on the rebel groups to cooperate with the court.

    "I think it is a good opportunity for me to urge the rebels -- the rebels cannot commit crimes, they have to control their people, and they have to help the Court," said Moreno-Ocampo. "In fact, the Security Council called on all the actors - they have to help the court -- provide it evidence against those who committed the attacks in Haskinita and even arrest them."

    He added that all attacks against peacekeepers come under his jurisdiction, including the July 8 one, that killed seven peacekeepers from the joint AU-U.N. force known as UNAMID.
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [280 views] Top||
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    "...And as long as I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony!"

    Posted by: Mike Kozlowski || 07/18/2008 6:31 Comments || Top||

    This guy's living on another planet.
    Posted by: bigjim-ky || 07/18/2008 8:38 Comments || Top||

    Saudi textbooks still filled with 'toxic teaching'
    Posted by: tipper || 07/18/2008 14:03 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [280 views] Top||
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    Da'wa and Taqiyya
    Posted by: tipper || 07/18/2008 14:11 Comments || Top||

    Da'wa is?
    Posted by: Sonny Unaitch6811 || 07/18/2008 15:41 Comments || Top||

    SU6811, Da'wa is the Islamic call to convert. See the Wikipedia entry
    Posted by: Rambler in California || 07/18/2008 19:24 Comments || Top||

    The Spreading Destruction of the Saada War in Yemen
    Note that this is from "The Long War Journal" but is printed in the leftist
    The boundaries of the war in Yemen are expanding beyond the northern Saada governorate. Bombing is audible from the nation's capital for the first time. Recent battles are among the bloodiest in memory.

    After four years of armed conflict between the government and a group of Zaidi rebels, the war's impact has spread far beyond the combatants and the field of combat. Military, judicial, and civil policies targeting the rebels have precipitated a humanitarian crisis in Saada and a civil crisis in the nation with rights groups protesting mass arrests and other tactics.

    Malnutrition is widespread among the 750,000 Saada residents after a long-standing government blockade.
    Opposition party leaders in Saada condemned the unannounced military bombing of Dhahian City in July, calling the tactic "an unprecedented crime." In May, rebel spokesman Sheik Saleh Habrah said government shelling in Dhahian, Al-Mahader, and Al-Ghabair killed 30 civilians and wounded scores. Over 85,000 Saada residents fled indiscriminate government bombing and are internal refugees. Malnutrition is widespread among the 750,000 Saada residents after a long-standing government blockade.
    This article starring:
    Dhahian City
    Saada governorate
    rebel spokesman Sheik Saleh Habrah
    Posted by: 3dc || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [287 views] Top||
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    Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/18/2008 8:17 Comments || Top||

    Government and Zaydi, sand fleas all.
    Posted by: bigjim-ky || 07/18/2008 8:18 Comments || Top||

    War and bloodshed are our business and business is good!
    Posted by: Besoeker || 07/18/2008 9:44 Comments || Top||

    Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
    Russia bans Islamic books
    Posted by: tipper || 07/18/2008 13:53 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [270 views] Top||
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    Posted by: tu3031 || 07/18/2008 13:59 Comments || Top||

    Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/18/2008 14:29 Comments || Top||

    Forgive me but..... here's a hat tip to Vlad Putin.
    Posted by: Besoeker || 07/18/2008 14:31 Comments || Top||

    Personas non gratas
    Posted by: bigjim-ky || 07/18/2008 14:34 Comments || Top||

    The russkies never were stupid.
    Posted by: mojo || 07/18/2008 15:46 Comments || Top||

    Eta killer's business auctioned to pay victim's widow
    SOB killed the man who saved his life as a baby. Bastard should have swung. Instead he did a couple years then opened a store just below the widow's apartment so she'd have to walk past him every day.
    Posted by: lotp || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [266 views] Top||
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    Home Front: WoT
    Chertoff: Euro terrorists trying to enter US
    European terrorists are trying to enter the United States with European Union passports, and there is no guarantee officials will catch them every time, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday.

    Chertoff's comments on Capitol Hill comes as the country is entering a potentially vulnerable period with the presidential nominating conventions coming up next month; the presidential election in November; and the transition to a new administration in January - all of which may be attractive targets for terrorists.

    In his last scheduled appearance before the House Homeland Security Committee, Chertoff said that the more time and space al-Qaida and its allies have to recruit, train, experiment and plan, the more problems the U.S. and Europe will face down the road.

    "The terrorists are deliberately focusing on people who have legitimate Western European passports, who don't appear to have records as terrorists," Chertoff told lawmakers. "I have a good degree of confidence we can catch people coming in. But I have to tell you ... there's no guarantee. And they are working very hard to slip by us."

    Chertoff and other intelligence officials have delivered similar warnings before, and he offered no new information about specific threats or an imminent attack.

    Chertoff reiterated his concern that terrorists could sneak radiological material into the country on small boats or private aircraft. This material could be used to create an explosive device known as a "dirty bomb."

    The Homeland Security Department has a strategy to protect against this small boat vulnerability and is testing radiation detection equipment in Seattle and San Diego ports.

    Chertoff said that getting out a regulation to prescreen and enhance security of general aviation aircraft coming to the U.S. from overseas is one of his top priorities.

    He also said he expects to approve new radiation detection technology this fall.

    Posted by: lotp || 07/18/2008 08:53 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [290 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Air Force brass seek anti-terror funds for luxury 'comfort capsules'
    The Air Force's top leadership sought for three years to spend counterterrorism funds on "comfort capsules" to be installed on military planes that ferry senior officers and civilian leaders around the world, with at least four top generals involved in design details such as the color of the capsules' carpet and leather chairs, according to internal e-mails and budget documents. Production of the first capsule -- consisting of two sealed rooms that can fit into the fuselage of a large military aircraft -- has already begun.

    Air Force officials say the government needs the new capsules to ensure that leaders can talk, work and rest comfortably in the air. But the top brass's preoccupation with creating new luxury in wartime has alienated lower-ranking Air Force officers familiar with the effort, as well as congressional staff members and a nonprofit group that calls the program a waste of money.

    Air Force documents spell out how each of the capsules is to be "aesthetically pleasing and furnished to reflect the rank of the senior leaders using the capsule," with beds, a couch, a table, a 37-inch flat-screen monitor with stereo speakers, and a full-length mirror. The effort has been slowed, however, by congressional resistance to using counterterrorism funds for the project and by lengthy internal deliberations about a series of demands for modifications by Air Force generals. One request was that the color of the leather for the seats and seat belts in the mobile pallets be changed from brown to Air Force blue and that seat pockets be added; another was that the color of the table's wood be darkened. Changing the seat color and pockets alone was estimated in a March 12 internal document to cost at least $68,240.

    In all, for the past three years the service has asked to divert $16.2 million to the effort from what the military calls the GWOT, or global war on terrorism. Congress has twice told the service that it cannot, including an August 2007 letter from Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) to the Pentagon ordering that the money be spent on a "higher priority" need. Officials say the Air Force nonetheless decided last year to take $331,000 from counterterrorism funds to cover a cost overrun, partly stemming from the design changes, although a senior officer said yesterday in response to inquiries that it will reverse that decision.

    The internal Air Force e-mails, provided to The Washington Post by the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), a nonprofit Washington group, and independently authenticated, make it clear that lower-ranking officers involved in the project have been pressured to create what one described as "world class" accommodations exceeding the standards of a regular business-class flight. "I was asked by Gen. [Robert H.] McMahon what it would take to make the [capsule] . . . a 'world class' piece of equipment," an officer at the service's Air Mobility Command said in a March 2007 e-mail to a colleague, referring to the mobility command's top officer then. "He said he wanted an assurance . . . that we would be getting a world class item this week."

    A military officer familiar with the program, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about it, likewise said that its extravagance has provoked widespread contempt among lower-ranking Air Force personnel. "This whole program is an embarrassment," the officer said, particularly because transport seating for troops en route to the battlefield is in his view generally shoddy.
    Much more at link
    Posted by: ryuge || 07/18/2008 02:52 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [283 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Elitism knows no bounds it would seem.
    Posted by: bigjim-ky || 07/18/2008 8:22 Comments || Top||

    What'd Ike have in 1944?
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 12:35 Comments || Top||

    Ike's trip to Casablanca 1943

    Then, just as the bomber reached an altitude high enough to go over the mountain range, the engine abruptly stopped. Eisenhower was not very concerned since a B-17 with a light load could easily fly on three engines. But then there was something to worry about when an engine on the left wing began shaking and belching black smoke. Fortunately, the aircraft had just passed over the mountain peaks and had clearance to make a long, almost gliding, descent towards their destination. But just as they started down, the cranky engine on the left wing stopped. Then a third engine began to misfire. They weren¬'t far from Casablanca, but not close enough to make the airfield on one engine. The pilot ordered all of the passengers to put on their parachutes.
    Posted by: swksvolFF || 07/18/2008 16:41 Comments || Top||

    Rantburg Hall of Fame stuff! LMAO!

    Posted by: Red Dawg || 07/18/2008 17:10 Comments || Top||

    Judge Refuses to Postpone Trial of Bin Laden's Driver
    A federal judge on Thursday refused to postpone the first military trial set for next week at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, rebuffing a last-minute plea from lawyers for Salim Hamdan, an accused member of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden's former driver. Judge James Robertson, of the district court in Washington, ruled that Mr. Hamdan's claims that the military commission he faces is unconstitutional can be appealed to a civilian court only after his military trial is completed.

    The ruling clears the way for the start of the first trial of a detainee at the prison complex in Cuba, opened in 2002 to hold prisoners captured in the campaign against terrorism. The trials have been delayed for years, in part by courts that found legal fault with the commissions created to try people designated by the government as "unlawful enemy combatants."

    It was Judge Robertson who ruled in 2004 that the original procedures set for military commissions by President Bush were inadequate, a finding later upheld by the Supreme Court. In response, Congress in 2006 passed the Military Commissions Act, setting up new procedures for the trials.

    On Thursday, after hearing two hours of arguments from lawyers for Mr. Hamdan and the government, Judge Robertson said the Congressional action was sufficient to permit the trial to begin. "Hamdan is to face a military commission designed by Congress under guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court," the judge said.

    Judge Robertson noted that his ruling applies only to the case of Mr. Hamdan and is not binding on the many other Guantanamo cases pending before other judges. He also did not rule on what he said was a central question, the constitutionality of a provision of the Military Commissions Act that permits only limited appeals by Guantanamo detainees to a single court, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [277 views] Top||
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    JUI-F jirga fails to end fighting between LI and AI in Tirah
    A grand jirga of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) has failed to come up with a final decision to end fighting between two militant organisations in Khyber Agency.

    The 56-member jirga met here on Thursday to discuss its meetings with the chiefs of Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) and Ansarul Islam (AI) and to announce its decision regarding an end to fighting in the Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency. The meeting, however, merely set another date for further negotiations. More than 50 people have been killed in fighting between the LI and AI in the past month.

    Another round: JUI-F provincial secretary general and head of the jirga Shujaul Mulk told reporters after the meeting that another jirga would be convened in Khyber Agency on July 22 to discuss an end to fighting and the restoration of peace. Mulk said that they would launch a decisive round of talks with both militant outfits and the negotiations would continue until a ceasefire was achieved between the warring sides. He said three members each from LI and AI and five members from the JUI-F would participate in the July 22 talks. The JUI-F jirga met LI chief Mangal Bagh and his AI counterpart Mullah Mehboob in Tirah last week. Mulk said that they had also decided to constitute a three-member committee to discuss peace in Mohmand Agency. The members included Mullah Samiullah, Mullah Mohabbat Khan and Mullah Sardar Ahmad.

    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [267 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Militants warn US-led forces against attack in Pakistan
    Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkir, a Bara-based militant group, has warned United States-led coalition troops against carrying out attacks inside the Tribal Areas, Dawn News reported on Thursday. According to the channel, Amar Bil Maroof spokesman Munsif Ali said at a press conference held in the Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency that the groups' fighters would fight alongside the Pakistan Army if the NATO forces launched an attack inside Pakistani territory. The spokesman said that if the NATO forces entered Pakistani territory, the militants would retaliate in a way that would remind the US of the devastation of the September 11 attacks.
    This article starring:
    Khyber Agency
    Tribal Areas
    MUNSIF ALIAmar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkir
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [296 views] Top||
    File under:    

    How do you say up yours in Pushtan and Arabic?
    Posted by: anymouse || 07/18/2008 1:18 Comments || Top||

    Oh noes! Not the Paki Army!!
    Posted by: mojo || 07/18/2008 11:59 Comments || Top||

    "Bite us, sons of pigs and munkirs"
    Posted by: Frank G || 07/18/2008 13:24 Comments || Top||

    I dunno. Maybe an old Israeli thign woudl work (back when they had balls)...

    Run a pair of 16's or F-18s at 200 ft above his ville, going mach+, with maybe a bone trailing it on full afterburner (B-1B, rated Mach 1.2 at sealevel), and a buff to rattle the windows. Too bad we dont have an SR-71 to use... (or do we? heh)

    Sonic boom would shatter tons of things. And two within seconds would be sure to indicate that it was no accident.

    That would scare the hell out of the locals, and let him contemplate just how bad the screams of his children and relatives are now, and how they would be were a real attack ordered.


    The strongest sonic boom ever recorded was 144 pounds per square foot and it did not cause injury to the researchers who were exposed to it. The boom was produced by a F-4 flying just above the speed of sound at an altitude of 100 feet.

    In recent tests, the maximum boom measured during more realistic flight conditions was 21 pounds per square foot. There is a probability that some damage -- shattered glass, for example, will result from a sonic boom. Buildings in good repair should suffer no damage by pressures of less than 16 pounds per square foot.
    Posted by: OldSpook || 07/18/2008 13:36 Comments || Top||

    Do they even have windows in their 7th century hovels?
    Posted by: Cowboy is a compliment || 07/18/2008 13:58 Comments || Top||

    "Can you hear me now?"

    Posted by: CrazyFool || 07/18/2008 14:02 Comments || Top||

    Indians want Kashmiris to decide own fate: poll
    An opinion poll conducted by reputed international agencies has revealed that a majority of people in India want a resolution to the Kashmir issue as per the Kashmiris' aspirations.

    The poll found that people in both India and Pakistan have expressed a readiness to have the Kashmiri people decide their own fate, adding that if the Kashmiris chose independence, a majority of Indians and Pakistanis would find it tolerable. In India, the opinion poll was conducted by reputed agency C-Voter, while in Pakistan, AC Nielson gathered views on behalf of the polling site.

    The poll revealed that more than half of the population of India and Pakistan were open to a range of possible outcomes for Kashmir. It found no strong majority opposition on either side to Kashmir becoming an independent country or to dividing the state between Pakistan and India.

    "Given the deep roots of the conflict over Kashmir, it is surprising that the conflict has not polarised majority of the Pakistani and Indian people, as they do not fall in line with their governments' positions," said Clay Ramsay, the research director of, a project run by the University of Maryland, United States.

    In the survey, Indians and Pakistanis were asked to consider a range of possible outcomes for Jammu and Kashmir and to say whether they found them desirable, acceptable, tolerable, or unacceptable.

    The idea that received the lowest level of opposition was for Jammu and Kashmir to become independent.
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [278 views] Top||
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    980 Pakistanis & 20 Indians?
    Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/18/2008 8:19 Comments || Top||


    Pakistani demonstrators burn tires in condemnation of a huge decline of stock market in front of the Islamabad Stock Exchange in Islamabad
    Posted by: john frum || 07/18/2008 20:08 Comments || Top||

    Shocking Development: Contractors Hired Foreigners
    Inferior electrical work by private contractors on U.S. military bases in Iraq is more widespread than the Pentagon has acknowledged, according to a published report.
    Aha! A published report! That's at least a step above 'an unnamed source.'
    A Senate panel investigating the electrocutions of Americans on bases in Iraq was told last week by former KBR Inc. electricians upset that more of their friends weren't brought over that the contractor used employees with little electrical expertise to supervise subcontractors in Iraq and hired foreigners who couldn't speak English.
    Couldn't even speak English, is the way it was reported on the radio this morning.The Pentagon has said 13 Americans have been electrocuted in Iraq since September 2003. It has ordered Houston-based KBR to inspect all the facilities it maintains in Iraq for electrical hazards.

    The New York Times paragon of virtue reported on its Web site Thursday night that many more people have been injured, some seriously, by shocks, according to internal Army documents. A log compiled this year at one building complex in Baghdad disclosed that soldiers complained of receiving electrical shocks in their living quarters almost daily, the paper reported.

    During just one six-month period - August 2006 through January 2007 - at least 283 electrical fires destroyed or damaged American military facilities in Iraq, including the military's largest dining hall in the country, according to the documents obtained by the Times.
    In a country where the grid is soooo reliable; how shocking!
    An Army survey issued in February 2007 said electrical problems were the most urgent noncombat safety hazard for soldiers in Iraq.
    More so than up-armored Humvees rolling over into canals?

    KBR, which is responsible for providing basic services, including housing, for American troops in Iraq, said last week that its investigation had not turned up evidence of a link between its work and the electrocutions. The Army report, however, said KBR did its own study and found a "systemic problem" with electrical work, according to the Times.
    Quagmire! Short circuits!
    Posted by: Bobby || 07/18/2008 05:58 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [272 views] Top||
    File under:    

    World Health Organisation staff return to Iraq
    GENEVA - The World Health Organisation (WHO) has for the first time since 2003 redeployed expatriate staff to Iraq, the United Nations agency said on Thursday. It said several international staff had quietly returned to Iraq in late June, reestablishing a "permanent international basis" in the country after 5 years. U.N. agencies withdrew international staff after the deadly bombing of its Baghdad headquarters in August 2003, but Iraqi nationals continued their aid projects. The U.N. refugee agency recently sent back staff to Iraq.

    Dr. Naeema Al-Gasseer, WHO country representative to Iraq, and a Bahraini who had been based in Jordan for the past few years in charge of WHO's Iraq programme, said WHO experts were helping the Iraqi health ministry expand vaccination programmes, monitor for diseases and improve standards of medical care.

    "Needs are very huge," she said, noting hepatitis and rotavirus vaccines will be introduced for Iraqi children over the next year, complementing programmes for polio and measles. "We can deliver more, while not losing sight that security is still a concern. We have a challenge to continue to come up with innovative approaches to be able to move around inside Iraq," Al-Gasseer said.

    "I managed during this past month to visit a women's prison, hospitals and public health services outside the Green Zone. I have seen a difference in the streets and in the movement of people," she said.
    Posted by: Steve White || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [273 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Until the next boom?
    Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/18/2008 8:18 Comments || Top||

    We must've won, the parasites are returning.
    Posted by: mojo || 07/18/2008 11:58 Comments || Top||

    And deh livers
    Posted by: .5MT || 07/18/2008 14:32 Comments || Top||

    Turkish planes fly to Iraq to pick up wounded Iraqis
    (Xinhua) -- Two ambulance planes belonging to Turkish General Staff were dispatched to Mosul city in northern Iraq on Thursday to pick up 21 wounded Iraqis and their 21 companions, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported.

    Turkish military has taken this action upon direction from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the report. It said the 21 Iraqis were wounded in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar on Wednesday due to a car bomb.

    The Iraqis will receive medical treatment at Gulhane Military Hospital (GATA) and Ataturk Research Hospital in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

    A car bombing attack in a market of Tal Afer on Wednesday left at least 13 people killed, over 30 others injured, said Najem Abdulla, mayor of the city, some 80 km west of Mosul.
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [276 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Tal Afar has a large percentage of Turkomen.
    Posted by: ed || 07/18/2008 20:39 Comments || Top||

    Prob something to do with Kurds
    Posted by: dorf || 07/18/2008 20:40 Comments || Top||

    Iraqi paper welcomes Diwaniya security handover
    BAGHDAD, July 17 (VOI) ¬-- A Baghdad-based newspaper on Thursday welcomed the security handover of Diwaniya province, describing the transfer as a "blessed step" to restore security and stability to Iraqi cities. Badr, the daily mouthpiece of Badr Organization, one of the main components of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC) led by Abdel Aziz al-Hakeem said in article entitled, 'Diwaniya¬...self-security,' by Kareem al-Nouri, that the handover has proven the province's ability to assume security responsibilities.

    On Wednesday morning, Diwaniya received its security file from the Multi-National Force (MNF) during a ceremony attended by National Security Adviser Muwafaq al-Rubaei and Diwaniya Governor Hamed al-Khudari. Bad weather conditions and logistic miscommunication problems between the central Iraqi government and the MNF delayed a power handover of the province, which was scheduled to take place in last June.

    Diwaniya, 180 km south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, became the 10th Iraqi province to receive the security file from the coalition forces. In 2002, the population of Diwaniya was estimated at 420,000. The area around the province, which is well irrigated from the nearby Euphrates River, is often considered to be one of the most fertile parts of Iraq, and is heavily cultivated. The town is located on the main rail transport corridor between Baghdad and Basra. For birdwatchers, Diwaniya is a city with a rich bird list, as it has a wide range of biodiversity.

    Under a main headline that read, 'Tragedy of a province', al-Ra'i newspaper, an independent daily, lamented what it described as the deteriorating situation in Diala province, citing "killings, robberies, plunder, forced displacement and terrorist operations in the province."

    The author of the article, Sabah al-Ghareery blamed the situation on the central Iraqi government in Baghdad and tribal forces, demanding prompt action to destroy terrorist strongholds and drive out criminals and outlaws from the province.
    Posted by: Steve White || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [272 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Israeli Arab arrested on suspicion of planning to kill Bush
    Four Israeli Arabs from east Jerusalem and two from Nazareth have been indicted for allegedly setting up an Al-Qaida cell in the capital and offering their services to Global Jihad elements, security officials announced Friday. One of the suspects allegedly made contact with those elements in an attempt to assassinate US President George W. Bush during his visit to Israel in May.

    The group, arrested in a joint Shin Bet-Israel Police investigation, includes two Hebrew University students, one of whom lived in the university dormitories with a view of a helicopter landing pad. Using a camera, the student filmed helicopters taking off and landing and made contact via the Internet with Al-Qaida elements to discuss bombing one of Bush's helicopters on his visit for Israeli Independence Day.

    The six were identified as, Ibrahim Na'ashaf, 22, from Taiba - a physics and computer science student at Hebrew University; Muhammad Najam, 24, from Nazareth - a chemistry student at the university; Yousef Sumarin, 21, from Beit Hanina; Anas Shwayke, 21, from Jebl Mukaber; Kamal Abu Kweidar, 22, from Jerusalem's Old City; and Ahmad Shwayke, 21, from Shuafat.

    According to security officials, the six created a closed religious terror cell and contacted different Al-Qaida and Global Jihad elements over the Internet. They were also active in the Temple Mount's Al-Aksa Mosque as well as throughout east Jerusalem. Investigators found bomb-making instructions on the personal computers of several of the suspects.

    On June 9, two Israeli Beduin from the Negev town of Rahat were charged with plotting terrorist attacks via the Internet with al-Qaida members overseas and marking out civilian and military sites as targets. Officials said Friday that the latest indictments were further indication of an Al-Qaida presence in Israel.
    Posted by: ryuge || 07/18/2008 07:38 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [360 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Hamas presses for Israeli commitment to truce
    (Xinhua) -- A senior Islamic Hamas movement official on Thursday warned Israel that Hamas would quit an Egyptian-brokered truce if Israel keeps Gaza Strip border crossing points closed. "If Israel doesn't commit itself to the truce and reopen the crossings, this truce should go to hell," Ahmed Yousef, an advisor to deposed prime minister Ismail Haneya of Hamas government in Gaza told reporters.

    Egypt has brokered a truce between Israel and Gaza militant groups for six month in the Gaza Strip without including the West Bank. According to the deal, Israel should ease restrictions it imposed on Gaza Strip crossings. "Our fingers are still on the triggers if Israel is not committed to the truce," Yousef said, adding that "Israel has deliberately restricted the goods' movement at Gaza crossings during the truce term to exert more pressure on Hamas."
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [272 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Dont forget the cement, throw that in there too.
    Posted by: bigjim-ky || 07/18/2008 8:33 Comments || Top||

    Official: Israel to allow more amount of fuel into Gaza
    (Xinhua) -- A senior Palestinian official announced on Thursday that Israel has decided to increase the amount of fuel allowed into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

    Husein al-Sheikh, chief of civil affairs and liaison with the Israeli side in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in Ramallah said in a statement that the decision would come into effect on Friday.

    "We were informed by the Israeli side that the amounts of diesel, cooking gas, gasoline and industrial diesel for operating Gaza power plant would increase on Friday," said al-Sheikh.

    Following an Egypt-brokered truce between Israel and Gaza militant groups in the Gaza Strip which came to effect on June 19 and intends to last six months, Israel has eased restrictions imposed on the entrance of fuels and goods into the Gaza Strip.

    However, the deposed Hamas-led government in Gaza complained that in spite of the truce, Israel only allowed limited amount of goods and fuel into the Gaza Strip.

    After Hamas movement ousted President Mahmoud Abbas' security forces and took control of the Gaza Strip last summer, Israel imposed a tightened blockade on the enclave and only allowed humanitarian aids into Gaza.

    Following an increase of homemade rocket attacks carried out by militants from Gaza at Israel before the truce was reached, Israel reduced the amount of fuel into Gaza, leaving Gaza population in hard living condition.

    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [268 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Science & Technology
    U.S. Says Iran Has Missile That Could Hit Europe
    The Pentagon said on Tuesday that Iran has the ability to launch a ballistic missile capable of hitting sections of eastern and southern Europe. Air Force Lt. Gen. Trey Obering, director of the Missile Defense Agency, told reporters he believes Iran now has a missile with a range of 1,250 miles, but he declined to say whether the weapon has been test-fired.

    Iran said last week it conducted two missile tests involving a number of weapons including what Iranian state television called a "new" Shahab-3 missile, a medium-range missile that could be used to strike Israel.

    Older versions of the Shahab-3 have a 800-mile (1,300-km) range. But a new extended version is believed to have a range of up to 1,250 miles, making it capable of hitting targets as far away as Greece, Serbia, Romania and Belarus.

    Iran is also developing a solid-fuel missile known as the Ashura with a range of 1,250 miles, according to the Pentagon.

    U.S. officials and independent missile experts have said last week's tests involved no new or enhanced technology, or even the latest generations of missiles known to be in Iran's arsenal. Obering did not dispute those assertions in a briefing for Pentagon officials on Tuesday. But his description of Iran's missile capability was stronger than what U.S. officials have said up to now.

    "The Iranians themselves are describing ... a 2,000-km range missile launch," Obering said of last week's tests, adding that Iran also claimed to have such a missile in November. "I believe, based on what I have seen, that they have the ability to do that and to continue to advance in the future, based on what I have seen so far from those (Iranian state media) reports and from the intelligence reports," he added.

    "I won't go into detail as to what was fired when. That's something I think the intel community should answer," he said.

    The Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, which monitors major weapons threats to the United States and its allies, was more vague in its February 27 testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee. "Iran continues to develop and acquire ballistic missiles that can hit Israel and central Europe, including Iranian claims of an extended-range variant of the Shahab-3 and a new 2,000-km medium range ballistic missile called the Ashura," DIA director Army Lt. Gen. Michael Maples told the panel.

    U.S. officials and analysts dismissed last week's missile tests as an angry Iranian response to recent military exercises including an Israeli air exercise in June that some have called a rehearsal for an attack on Iran.
    He probably means a missile "in mass production". Iran has long had the SHAHAB-4, SHAHAB-5, and IRIS missiles for years now.
    Posted by: Anonymoose || 07/18/2008 08:42 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [295 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Do they need assistance with guidance or targeting?
    Posted by: Nimble Spemble || 07/18/2008 11:06 Comments || Top||

    Wile E Coyote/Acme vibe

    That rings.
    Posted by: .5MT || 07/18/2008 12:40 Comments || Top||

    There is no photoshop.
    Posted by: .5MT || 07/18/2008 14:05 Comments || Top||

    And Iran has thousands of Euro trained engineers. Remember Frankenstein?
    Posted by: Snerelet Untervehr4255 || 07/18/2008 16:30 Comments || Top||

    Southeast Asia
    Thai army suspicious on ceasefire in south
    (Xinhua) -- The Thai army expressed doubts on Thursday about the announcement of so-claimed insurgency leader to end the insurgency operation in the south, saying they have never known or contacted the group who claimed to be rebel leaders.

    Thai Army spokesman Akra Thiprote said the army has never contacted or knew the three men who announced the ceasefire in the recorded video broadcast on televisions Thursday.

    The army is looking for involvement of the group to the insurgency in the south, he said.

    "The army plays no role in the incident or any negotiation that led to the said ceasefire. We believe that it is the job of former army chief Gen Chetta Thanajaro and his team," the spokesman said.

    It would be an excellent work if the ceasefire can restore peace and stability in the southern provinces of Thailand, he said, adding that however, in spite of the announcement, the army will still be on alert to provide security for people.

    The three men from a group calling themselves Tai Ruam Pak Tai Khong Prathet Thai appeared on television, saying that from July 14 onwards, all the militant and political units of our group will support peace formation in Thailand.
    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [262 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Terror Networks
    Bali bombings: Indonesia to execute three remorseless bombers
    Imam Samudra and the brothers Amrozi and Ali Ghufron have never shown any remorse for the 2002 bombings and have repeatedly said that they embrace death and wish to be martyrs.
    That can be arranged.
    Indonesia's attorney general Henderman Supanji, in announcing that no further legal avenues are available to the condemned men, said, "the process would not be drawn out".
    The bombers' lawyer, Fahmi Bachmid, said afterwards: "All of them have repeatedly said they will only ask pardon from God, not the president. This is their faith."
    Hopefully, Indonesia will help them meet their maker
    Posted by: Free Radical || 07/18/2008 16:24 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [284 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Do it!

    /alias The Rat
    Posted by: Frank G || 07/18/2008 18:59 Comments || Top||

    Al Qaeda's Summer Reruns
    Al Qaeda and its video production group are also distributing reruns. At least twice this summer, al Qaeda's media arm As Sahab has reposted old videos on jihadist websites, without identifying them as reruns. The move signals a shift in al Qaeda's strategy, and a decline in the frequency and quality of its propaganda videos.

    Terrorism video experts point to the reruns as a change in focus among al Qaeda's leadership. Just last night As Sahab re-released its video "Windows of Paradise Part I." This time around, the video was translated into Urdu. In June, As Sahab re-posted an address from al Qaeda's number two man translated from its original Arabic into Urdu. Experts say these translations indicate al Qaeda's conscious effort to recruit Urdu-speaking Pakistanis.

    Al Qaeda leaders have long railed against Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and the Pakistani government. In January, al Qaeda's Adam Gadahn called Musharraf one of the "world's worst dictators and tyrants," who "is holding on to power by the skin of his teeth." Last year, Osama bin Laden himself called for jihad against Musharraf.

    Terrorism video experts have also commented on the drop in jihadist propaganda frequency. As Sahab has rolled out very few original productions this summer compared to its almost weekly releases earlier this year. This summer, jihadist websites have also relied on video postings from other production companies like Al Fajr and Al Furqan. The decline in As Sahab videos has raised questions in some national security circles as to whether al Qaeda's media operations division has taken a hit.

    Posted by: Fred || 07/18/2008 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [266 views] Top||
    File under:    

    Waiting for the Glen Al Campbell show
    Posted by: .5MT || 07/18/2008 12:41 Comments || Top||

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