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20170323 00:22 badanov As far as I know the sinktrap hasn't worked in years.
20170323 00:17 trailing wife Fred has reconnected the Sinktrap? It's been a while since I even tried -- with all the upgrades and debugging he's been doing, I'd completely forgotten about it.
20170322 21:06 Skidmark We are so focused and concerned on the 'lone wolf assassin' migrants that I fear the neglect of all national strategic posture.
20170322 16:56 Skidmark Doesn't appear that Bright Pebbles' Parliament Attack remarks made it to the Sinktrap. Actually, the trap looks pretty clean.
20170322 16:42 Skidmark Take'em to the Cleaners, TW!
20170322 15:23 trailing wife Eleven spam posts, quickly using cyrillic -- gone.
20170322 00:33 Skidmark "Iron-on-Target" was a USAF catchphrase, Bad.
20170321 23:00 badanov Russian back rebel media just started using a new term for hitting a position with mortar fire: The position is ironed. Russian mortar rounds are typically made using iron. They create better, finer shrapnel.
20170321 22:59 trailing wife Ask Fred for the magic cookie, Skid.

Send Fred an email about it Skidmark.
20170321 21:22 Pappy Gets better, Kansas. PETA's branch in Virginia Beach ran an animal shelter. Or more properly phrased, Auschwitz for Animals.

They eventually got busted for illegally dumping animal carcasses.
20170321 18:39 badanov Ask Fred for the magic cookie, Skid.
20170321 17:21 Skidmark Guess I also can't read the text before Sat. Need to change the batteries in my pocket wormhole.
20170321 17:20 Skidmark Anyone know why the Sat morning gun report is only available Sat? I can get to the 'gun of the week' link, but can't read the text after Sat.
20170321 16:25 badanov Some Tuesday afternoon Lumineers:

20170321 16:01 swksvolFF Thanks badanov.
Put something in the hopper dated for the 23rd, but whenever really. trailing wife has my address if necessary.

3dc - multiple stories of people running out of ammo. Chew on that for a minute. Deer, coyotes, skunks, porcupines, on, and on, and on.

It is so far outside what they claim reality is, I don't think they can without exposing their fraud.

(walks outside, points, shouting over today's wind)

That. That is reality.

(comes back in, drink of water, spits out the soot.)
20170321 15:25 3dc Re: fires...
Lots of horses, livestock, pets were severely burned. Cattlemen's Association asked PETA since they claimed to feel for animals would they please help the horses, pets or livestock.
PETA told them to FckOff.
20170321 12:57 badanov Post it as a news item and I will see to it.
20170321 11:15 swksvolFF I know this is a bit off-topic, and it isn't my place, so I was wondering if it would be appropriate to put up a post about the Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas/Colorado/New Mexico wildfires a couple weeks ago.

Everyone got pinged; Clark County KS took it right in the junk. If you have seen those convoys of hay trucks, this is where you are going. If you are on that cesspool of facebook, look up Michigan Convoy. They are coming from all over; one family was joking that there was snow in between bales from North Dakota.

Mainly interested in, if anyone is interested in giving these truckers a high five, or lunch, or just good words. I saw a truck go by with his five year old son with him; saw where they were from and going and no small trip.

If ok, not sure when I can dig out of work and have my hands quit cramping to put something up, but would give a day or so for review.

Thank you for the consideration. If too off-topic that is fine, just trying to get the word out. Oh, if anyone knows fence builders looking for work...
20170320 11:27 Deacon Blues She is both a Clintonite and a member of a protected class. Nothing will happen to her.
20170319 14:25 Pappy She won't, Pan. She's a member of The Club.
20170319 13:08 badanov Number two just means she'll be swapped next to last.
20170319 12:09 49 Pan So a CNN reporter, now the number two at the DNC admits she gave Hillary the questions prior to her debate with Trump. It is being treated by the press as a mistake. But actually it is a felony crime. She took confidential information, gave it to a candidate in an effort to change the outcome of an election. We are hunting for Russians trying to influence elections when a reporter loyal to the DNC was actually committing this crime. Its called sedition and treason. She should go to jail.
20170318 17:23 badanov My pick for this year's tournament:

Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge
20170318 08:32 Pappy Odd, Deacon. I usually bring my own filter for the Blue Swede, because the quick-change doesn't keep them in stock.