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20190422 10:46 Bright Pebbles

FOIA: NSA has communications between Seth Rich and Assange/Wikileaks
20190422 08:26 Bright Pebbles

20190421 21:22 Alaska Paul Deacon go to your room, heh.
20190421 17:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, have a nice time in Texas. Maybe I'll come visit if I can figure out what's wrong with the car.
20190421 16:04 Deacon Blues I spent $300 on renting a limo and then found out that doesn't include a driver. 300 bucks and nothing to chauffeur it.
20190421 00:23 trailing wife Happy Easter!
20190420 23:18 Skidmark Happy Easter, all.
20190420 22:17 Glenmore No, Phil, we're up in Texas for the rest of Fest season.
20190420 18:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, are you doing any festivals in the area in the near future?
20190420 15:56 swksvolFF No TWIB; don't have the time for a quality report, though I do have some nice books - have to treat them right.

Have a blessed Easter everyone.
20190419 10:44 Bright Pebbles

Food Wishes
22 hours ago (edited)
My sources deep inside the DOJ tell me that part of the redacted conversation between Gates and Manafort in this report was them discussing our Chicken Kiev recipe. Wow, I didn't see that coming. #ThrowbackThursday
20190418 20:23 Glenmore in Texas ***SPAM? 1*** It strike me that since the underlying collusion charges were false (fraud) any Trump obstruction should be obstruction of INJUSTICE.
20190418 13:12 3dc Racks of ribs marinating but may need to keep doing so as the rain started and temps nosedived. Was hopping for first BBQ

Dry Rub basic multiple: 2TBS ground coffee (I used a fresh roasted Ethiopian), 3TBS brown sugar, 2TBS chili powder, 2 Tsp garlic powder, 1Tsp read pepper flakes, 1Tsp cumin, 1Tsp paprika, 1/2 Tsp cayenne pepper, 1/4 Tsp kosher salt. - PER rack of ribs.

Marinade at least 1 day.
20190418 12:24 Deacon Blues Watched the Barr press conference. The best part was when some reporterette asked bar why he called the scrutiny of Trump and his family un-precdented. He asked, "Has it ever happened before"? She said no. He said, "Then it's un-precidented".
20190418 08:17 Skidmark You're always welcome in Texas.
20190418 00:36 Glenmore Sewer line is nearly plugged. Plumber rootered it out without finding anything and made it worse. Probably sheared somewhere. Will run a camera when available (week or three). No rush because there is an excavation ban until the Mississippi River drops back below 11' (or 15' if we could get a waiver) - maybe mid-May to mid-June. Until then laundromat and toilet bucket. Obviously we'll be spending most of that time at the Texas homestead instead of New Orleans.
20190417 19:44 swksvolFF Superstorm Typical April.
Half dollar hail, 60mph winds, couple tornado warnings, nothing crazy.
Biggest concern seems to be fire from lightning strikes.

"You, ma'am, are no Superstorm."
Maybe tomorrow, don't know.
20190417 19:23 Skidmark Maybe there's more. I usually sleep thru them.
20190417 19:20 Skidmark The SUPERSTORM left us with a light drizzle all day.
20190417 17:17 swksvolFF Now officially dodge the storm chasers season.
20190415 07:59 Skidmark Happy Tax Day everybody.
20190414 09:59 Deacon Blues You are most welcome, 49!!
20190414 09:11 Skidmark
20190413 15:28 49 Pan Hey Deacon! Hello I must be going, I came to say I can not stay, I must be going!!!

Love to shirt!!! Thank you!
20190413 14:40 newc Ahh - it was
20190413 14:30 swksvolFF No TWIB this week - nature calls.

And by that, planting grass and picking elms.
20190412 15:00 Thing From Snowy Mountain Newc: I think "he" has simply adopted a new pen name... Titania McGrath.
20190412 05:54 trailing wife I don’t do twitter, newc dear. Sorry I can’t help.
20190411 23:50 newc I still do not have that plane
20190411 23:49 newc Who was that elfen guy they banned on the twitter? Any remember he was hilarious - I just cannot place the name but I need him right now.... Anyone.
20190409 22:58 3dc Debris associated with the lost #JASDF #F35 from this morning has been found
20190409 14:49 Skidmark but to do so would cost more moral high ground

Perhaps only the threat of future accountability of the premise of moral high ground.
20190409 12:58 Glenmore I suspect we CAN defeat little people underground and mountain cave dwellers, but to do so would cost more moral high ground than we are willing to give. The same would apply to strangling logistics shared by militants and civilians (if you can even tell them apart.)
20190408 20:33 Glenmore It was a brief comment that we saw 'Unplanned' last night & found it powerful and effective, if a bit flawed.
20190408 11:20 Alaska Paul Sorry, Glenmore, I deleted your comment accidently. $pam made me do it. ;(
20190408 04:02 Skidmark Several resources to pick from
20190408 02:39 Skidmark Done.
20190407 22:31 trailing wife Can you work up an article, Skidmark?
20190407 21:46 Skidmark DHS is out.
20190407 08:04 Skidmark
20190406 19:02 Skidmark Yes indeedy. Thank you.
20190406 00:31 trailing wife Link doesn’t work, Skidmark. Do you mean this?
20190405 22:16 Skidmark Trump withdraws ICE nomination to go 'in a tougher direction'

Tougher would be suspension of Posse Comitatus and local enforcement then integration of the combative enforcement agencies under a National banner.
20190404 10:36 Skidmark from Thing:
Russia's been in Venezuela less than two weeks and already it's threatening to attack Colombia
20190404 10:29 Skidmark
20190402 06:12 Skidmark
20190330 16:02 Skidmark I took a cookie named Betty Joe to Florida once. Does that count? We were turing.
20190330 14:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain In a way, I don't like Avenatti, but I also don't like Nike. They're just another reseller of foreign made junk. It's too bad they both can't lose.
20190330 14:59 3dc
Somebody crawled out of his hole in the ground.
20190330 13:09 Bright Pebbles
20190330 13:00 Bright Pebbles OClub needs a turing test and a known named cookie.

20190329 07:25 3dc Frank, got up early and killed a lot of it.
Rate was 2 every 3 mins.
20190328 22:05 Glenmore Most hoaxers and other false crime reporters get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Smollet is not being treated significantly differently.
20190328 22:01 Frank G WOW. P*ker spam is overwhelming
20190326 20:35 Frank G NO exactly - that was the public terms. Since when are hate crimes settled so and the files sealed. When he was F*CKING guilty of a hoax - as determined by a Grand Jury, has Michelle Obama et al backing him because he's black and gay and a media actor. Fed crimes still available via the fake hate letter sent via US Mail. Two systems of "Justice"
20190326 20:35 Bright Pebbles Seen very elsewhere/

20190326 20:00 Deacon Blues The charges against Smollett were dropped in return for his agreement to do community service, he said, and for forfeiting his bond to the city of Chicago.”
20190326 16:47 Glenmore OK, tw, now you're speaking a foreign language.
20190326 14:17 Glenmore Yes, BP. Sounds like because so much of the evidence had been made public the DA would have had trouble getting it admitted in trial. Plus, connections etc.
20190326 13:50 Bright Pebbles Has the slam-dunk case against smullett been dropped?
20190326 09:18 Skidmark Fart bullying case: Engineer contests A$1.8m court ruling
20190326 00:59 trailing wife Duke had to pay back $112 million plus withdraw publications? That’s major.
20190325 18:46 Glenmore But their basketball team won, BP, that's what matters in US higher ed.
20190325 18:34 Bright Pebbles

20190325 17:15 Skidmark Just in time:
Russian aircraft to fly over U.S. as part of Treaty on Open Skies obligations
20190325 17:13 Skidmark Think popcorn has reached it's limit.
Need bourbon and barbeque.
20190325 08:59 Deacon Blues … when arriving at the pearly Gates of Heaven, a young social justice warrior was told by Saint Peter that she could ask any question.
“Saint Peter, what I really want to know, is what was the collusion between Trump and Russia?”
“My son, there was no collusion by Trump, just between Hil-”
“Wow. The conspiracy goes higher than I realized.”
20190325 08:59 Deacon Blues St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast where I stole the margarine.
20190324 18:22 SteveS Watch out where the sp*mm*rs go,
And don't you eat that yellow snow!
20190324 17:14 Mullah Richard Clean as the new fallen snow (well, higher up in the Rockies anyway).