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20170628 16:39 Harlotsnoill ***SPAM?*** harlot
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20170628 15:08 Shipman Max Waters?
Oh pls, pls, pls, pls.
20170628 11:59 Seeking cure for ignorance I corrected TLA - Three Letter Acronym both in making it singular and fixed the spelling of acronym

Fixed juices.

Thanks TW

20170628 10:54 Alaska Paul Trade in a Nancy beater for a Maxine high miler, Deacon? It's a devil's trade-in.
20170628 10:29 Deacon Blues Dems Call For Maxine Waters To Replace Nancy Pelosi, James Woods Says Yes Please.
20170628 06:42 SteveS First time I saw the Juice meme was on protest sign held by a bearded, child molestery-looking guy saying "Death to Juice". Cracked me up. English be hard, eh?
20170628 00:27 trailing wife Your list looks good thus far, Seeking cure. I note typos in Three Letters Axronym, which should be singular, not plural.

Juices is the current usage, picked up from internet antisemites trying to avoid anti-hate filters. They used to say joooooooos, with various numbers of the letter O, but the filters took notice. The most recent is putting sets of parentheses around the names of those they wish to indicate are members of the hated group, thusly: (((trailing wife))). Except the dastardly Jews and philosemites started parenthesizing their own names, taking all the threat out of the thing and muddying the identification effort.
20170627 20:05 badanov Some Tuesday evening Blink 182:

20170627 16:40 Seeking cure for ignorance Oh, is I got any wrong or you think it's debatable, please let me know. THanks
20170627 16:39 Seeking cure for ignorance Acronym and Term list update:

AGW - Anthropogenic Global Warming

DRT - Dead Right There (Refer to a person who died on the spot)

FOAD - Fuck Off And Die

HG2 - Hope for the Good Guys

RAL - Rantburg Acronym List

RFI - Request For Information

RTA - Road Traffic Accident

RTC - Road Traffic Collision (UK)

SJW - Social Justice Warrior

SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center

TLA - Three Letters Axronym

TWMAPGNFAB - That Would Make A Pretty Good Name For A Band (credit to Dave Barry)


Hold-over -Aiming above your intended target to compensate for bullet drop (rifle)

Juice - Jews

gerbil worming - global warming (human-caused rather than nature caused)

Hemingway - Pappys pet troll

klingons - CIA

Soetoro - Another name for Obama (was stepfather's last name)
20170626 21:32 Pappy Hemingway swam in the irrigation canals of the Coachella Valley in his youth, Skid.

In his underwear, no less.

So he was even closer to the proverbial blue-water.
20170626 20:55 Skidmark Well, glad I'm on your good side Pappy!

You're as close as I've ever been to blue water IRL, Ship.
20170626 20:32 Pappy For the record, I've never scrubbed you, Skid.

Hemingway actually started off as a third-rate Ian Fleming and larded his comments with all sorts of gruesome, sadistic, long-running, and usually lurid scenarios.

He then merely drifted off to purple-prose war stories, plus the occasional pseudo-history lesson. Nothing remotely approaching a Farewell to Arms quality.

When that petered out after a series of 'digital pink-slips', he proceeded to salt his prosy diatribes with the rote and trite. Lots of rather repetitive, superfluous and graphic phrases as well.

His trademark lack of literacy has since been overly-flavored with the cliche, usually of the mindless variety.

To be fair, once in a very great while Hemingway comes up with something slightly worthy. Most of his work, though, remains the dirt-stained diary of a huge, gasping, sweaty, mindless cliche.
20170626 17:43 Skidmark a record of hateful and sexually disgusting comments

Wow, no wonder I'm getting scrubbed!
20170626 17:37 Skidmark
20170626 14:54 trailing wife For some reason badanov can't block Hemingway's IP, so when he gets egregious we just delete his posts. His big thing nowadays is "Moslem values", but when he first arrived he tried to sound like a soldier with war experience... which he based on the cliches of Viet Nam war movies. Do you remember that New Republic writer who joined the Army in 2007, got sent to Iraq, and sent back columns claiming all sorts of heartless behaviours? Hemingway wrote like him. But we have people here who served in Viet Nam and elsewhere, and they called him on it.

I think Hemingway is trying to create a record of hateful and sexually disgusting comments he could point his liberal friends to, to show how evil we warmongers are, though possibly I'm wrong. At any rate, while he makes use of Fred's cute little anonymizing nym generator, he cannot hide himself for long.
20170626 14:04 Deacon Blues An amnesiac walks into a bar and sits down by a beautiful woman. He then asks, "Do I come here often?".
20170626 11:27 Shipman Hemingway is Pappys pet troll.
20170626 11:11 swksvolFF I have heard some good ones, but I tell jokes like a typewriter which jams. OK/KS has theirs - for a while there was a trend around here of getting your name embossed in limestone for the house, which I was asked, "What is with all you Kansans getting your names on your houses - do you all forget where you live?"

I hear the real action is between TX/OK. I like that story because here are volunteers from OK in KS when a Texan walks by and gives them crap, OK does a quick wit self disparage, everyone laughs and gets back to work.
20170626 09:21 Seeking cure for ignorance Quick question, who is Hemingway referring to? I'm pretty sure it's not the famous author but a reference to someone who write a lot.

I see this pop up often in Rantberg.
20170626 00:54 trailing wife Was a lurker and planned to be until...

That's my story, too, swksvolFF. I was intimidated by not just the breadth and depth of knowledge, but the worldy experience. What does a little suburban housewife know of war and the travails of men? But then something came up -- about diplomatic hostessing perhaps -- and I suddenly had something to add.

Now I look at that breadth and depth of knowledge, and think gleefully of all the answers to questions I haven't even thought of yet. Including you, my dear, who went from diffidence to writing a book column.
20170626 00:30 badanov You can do better than that, swksvolFF, I'm sure.

My favorite is: As long as Okie can stagger to the polls they will vote dry.
20170625 20:52 swksvolFF Was a lurker and planned to be until the Greensburg tornado and the news was total bullshit compared to my first and very trusted second hand knowledge and needed to chime in even though I was, and am, often intimidated by the scope and depth of the Rantburg knowledge base.

So. Know some people who met President W. during the cleanup efforts. Some of them were from Oklahoma. W the Texan shakes hands, ask where everyone is from, you know. Gets to this group, says something like So is this what it takes to get Okies to work in the morning? Reply: Work hell, he told us the liquor cabinet is in the basement.

W gets that smirk of his, shakes his head, and walks on. How much is fish story I don't know, but there were pics.
20170625 19:57 trailing wife Whoops -- I almost forgot: there is a United States Marine Band youtube page here.
20170625 19:55 trailing wife Dear Seeking cure, I will most certainly be healthy again eventually. It's just that boring bit in between....

swksvolFF is most definitely his nym, or nic -- I confuse the two, and then there is the cadmium battery -- definitely not an acronym. He lives in southwest Kansas and is a volunteer firefighter, among other things. In the same way I really am a trailing wife, having followed Mr. Wife and his career halfway round the world and back again. Wife is, of course, my married name. ;-)

Skidmark is pulling your leg, I'm pretty sure. And normally he is such a nice man, too.

Of course real life must come first. That just shows the kind of man you are. :-) Carry on!
20170625 19:32 Seeking cure for ignorance Trailing Wife, I do hope you get over your cold!

I made the correction to AGW but as for SWKSVFF, I'm realizing that maybe someone is pulling my leg since this seems to be someone's alias and not a real acronym. Should I remove this from the list?

I do have to depend on the rest of you to keep this correct and to catch any pranks some may try.

Skidmark, as for the mean and nice sea levels, MSL is common and can be found on internet, NSL? Who use that and in what context? I admit I've never seen it anywhere, and not sure if you're trying to play a prank here.

I appreciate you all helping keeping this list real and useful.

TW, as for going through the archives, I will when I have time, work and other obligations does take up my time. Nonetheless, I will read through the archives,

20170625 13:40 Pappy wretchard:

What does one do when lost? Where a direction of improvement cannot be found, one solution is simply to do nothing and wait for something to improve. This is not as crazy as it seems. After all, lost hikers are advised to stay where they are. The crews of disabled submarines were trained to wait for help and attempt an individual escape only as a last resort. Inactivity is rational when the direction of "better" is unknown because there are many more random ways to worsen a position than to alleviate it. So it's sometimes better to do nothing when you don't know what you're doing.

Ten years ago one could predict what the official (and unofficial) story would be in any situation. By contrast today's headlines are often absolutely contradictory, a situation that has made it hard for pundits to write anything intelligent about current events. Some have given up or seemingly had a nervous breakdown. This randomness is telling because it is indicative of a narrative in disarray. The entire political system, not just Trump administration, is zig-zagging through public policy. Unpredictability is exactly what you'd expect during a paradigm shift and observing it may even proof you're inside of one. We are lost.

Many of humanity's most seemingly insoluble problems were fixed not by politicians but by ordinary unheralded people. The idea of merely avoiding the catastrophic as a solution is not so stupid. The strategy of waiting out the crisis may be difficult when ideologues or other fanatics are present since by definition they always know the way out of each and every crisis on ideological or doctrinal grounds. With ideology things don't have to make sense. Whether ideologues succeed in convincing the crew to open the hatch depends to a large extent on whether people can be made to see the promise of their sometimes fruitless individual attempts to improve things. A world in crisis can self-immolate on its own despair. By contrast a society that persists in seeking a solution just might make it.
20170625 11:41 Shipman Skid you've been around a long time but you've never seen the changeover? You gotta make time for, it's, yep, epic. A cross between the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and a Saturn Five launch.
20170624 23:26 Skidmark MSL: Mean Sea Level
NSL: Nice Sea Level
20170624 18:59 trailing wife I'm pretty sure that this time I wasn't the one to accidentally delete Skidmark's comment while killing spam, but a general apology anyway. It's not that we don't love you, my dear, just an excess of enthusiasm.

Snowy Thing and Skidmark, I'm working on getting well, truly.

Two corrections, Seeking cure, and a comment:

AGW: anthropogenic global warming, that is to say human-caused rather than natural. It comes out of the global warming/gerbil worming wars, an issue that has exercised our scientifically knowledgeable Rantburgers since the early days. We even have an entire series of images on file just for those articles.

swksvolFF is how he writes it.

A good many Rantburg acronyms are not specific to this place, but are common to the military, to computer programmers, or to the internet in general. A substantial minority of Rantburgers are current or former military and/or programmers. Another group are engineers. I have frequently ask for definitions of unfamiliar terminology over the years; everyone here knows so much that I don't, sheltered dilletante and computer end user that I am.

Your list might benefit from a stroll through the archives, an educational exercise all its own. Click on the Archives tab at the top right in Rantburg, then scroll down in time. Enjoy!
20170624 01:25 badanov At Midnight EST
20170623 23:45 Skidmark When do the new posts go up?
20170623 20:17 badanov Some Friday evening Catfish and the Bottlemen:

20170623 19:39 Skidmark Wow! I got scrubbed again.
20170623 18:18 3dc So Aug 17th is the interesting one...
June 25 - Iridium Next Flight 2 (x10) - Falcon 9 - Vandenberg SLC-4E - 20:25:14
NET early-mid-July 1 - Intelsat 35e - Falcon 9 - Kennedy LC-39A - 23:35-00:35
July 22 - FORMOSAT 5 - Falcon 9 - Vandenberg SLC-4E
NET late-July - SES-11 (EchoStar 105) - Falcon 9 - Kennedy LC-39A
August 3 - TDRS-M - Atlas V 401 (AV-074) - Canaveral SLC-41 - 13:02-13:42
NET August 1 10 - Dragon SpX-12 (CRS-12), CREAM - Falcon 9 - Kennedy LC-39A - 17:07
August 14 - NROL-42: Trumpet Follow On 2 (TBD) - Atlas V 541 (AV-072) - Vandenberg SLC-3E - 07:01-11:00
NET August 15 17 - OTV-5 (X-37B) - Falcon 9 - Kennedy LC-39A
August 24 - Iridium Next Flight 3 (x10) - Falcon 9 - Vandenberg SLC-4E
20170623 15:04 swksvolFF Knew my nym, have a tab at the local watering hole if you pass through:)
20170623 00:30 Seeking cure for ignorance Okay, tabbing apparently doesn't work here.
20170623 00:29 Seeking cure for ignorance Acronyms & Terminologies. This is what I have so far, please let me know of you have any Rantberg only (or rarely used elsewhere) acronyms and terms to add to this list:

AGW Atmosphere Global Warming

DRT Dead Right There (Refer to a person who died on the spot)

FOAD Fuck Off And Die

HG2 Hope for the Good Guys

RAL Rantburg Acronym List

RFI Request For Information

RTA Road Traffic Accident

RTC Road Traffic Collision (UK)

SWKSVFF South West Kansas Volunteer Fire Fighter

TLA Three Letters Axronym

TWMAPGNFAB That Would Make A Pretty Good Name For A Band (credit to Dave Barry)


Hold-over Aiming above your intended target to compensate for bullet drop (rifle)

Klingon CIA
20170623 00:17 Skidmark Good story Badenough!
20170623 00:16 Skidmark I hope you're sticky and gummy from sweat Deacon.