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20190220 18:21 SoxWheerTex ***SPAM? 1*** how to make cannabis oil cannabis oil for pain relief
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20190218 05:54 trailing wife Email sent, visitor. If we can help, of course we will.
20190217 21:37 Visitor TW. Contact me at You mentioned Mr Wife was an international sales expert. Interested in getting consultation regarding a new law enforcement tool I am takïng international. Thanks
20190217 17:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain Maybe I'll go get something with caffeine.
20190217 17:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain I have one of their albums, and have listened to them live at Blue Dog, where Glenmore and The Huntress would eat when they visited.

I don't know how to get my old life back. This kinda sucks.
20190217 16:09 Alaska Paul Here is a nice Cajun hymn that traces its roots from Canada. Found it on Gates of Vienna.

The lyrics:
J’irai la voir un jour
Au ciel dans la patrie
Oui j’irai voir Marie
Ma joie et mon amour

Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel
J’irai la voir un jour

J’irai la voir un jour
J’irai mourir aux anges
Pour chanter ses louanges
Et pour former sa cour

J’irai la voir un jour
Cette vierge si belle
Bientôt j’irai près d’elle
Lui dire mon amour

Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel
J’irai la voir un jour

J’irai la voir un jour
J’irai près de sa tombe
Recevoir la colombe
Dans l’éternel séjour

J’irai la voir un jour
J’irai loin de la terre
Sur le coeur de ma mère
Me poser sans retour

Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel
J’irai la voir un jour

J’irai la voir un jour.

In English
I’ll see her one day
In the Sky, in the Garden
Yes I will see Mary
My joy and my love

In the Sky, in the Sky, in the Sky
I’ll see her one day

I’ll see her one day
I’ll join the angels
To sing her praises
And form her court

I’ll see her one day
This so beautiful Virgin
Soon I’ll be near her
To say my love

In the Sky, in the Sky, in the Sky
I’ll see her one day

I’ll see her one day
I’ll go near her tomb
To welcome the dove
For the eternal stay

I’ll see her one day
I’ll go away from earth
To the heart of my mother
To rest with no return

In the Sky, in the Sky, in the Sky
I’ll see her one day

I’ll see her one day
20190215 16:42 trailing wife Whoops! Alaska Paul, my apologies for accidentally deleting your post linking to Omar game while a tad overenthusiastically clearing spam. Please redo — it looked interesting.
20190215 08:41 Deacon Blues 49, she didn't write the questions, someone else did. She couldn't even pronounce some of the words. She is someone's puppet but whose?
20190215 08:39 Deacon Blues Pictures of the Hornet.
20190215 01:20 Glenmore Excellent news, Paul.
20190214 09:40 49 Pan Someone need to look into this Omar chick. I watched her grill some guy on TV last night. The issue I had with her is the whole Iran/Contra event happened before she was born, yet she brings it up as relevant. But the most perplexing is she could not pronounce any of the countries or fighters, and on further review she was reading from a script. She knew nothing about what she was asking, she was merely a puppet with strings being pulled by someone. The question is, Who is pulling her "I hate America and want to destroy the American process" strings. She is an enemy of the state, but she is a foot soldier for someone else. Who is it...
20190214 08:40 Deacon Blues Charles Darwin: "I feel most deeply that the whole subject [of a divine creator] is too profound for the human intellect. A dog might as well speculate on the mind of Newton. Let each man hope and believe what he can."
20190209 09:34 Deacon Blues Photo spam. Interesting.
20190209 01:43 trailing wife These are so cute, and the need approaches: science valentines.
20190208 19:53 Thing From Snowy Mountain For what it's worth...

20190208 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain Your weekly Technogarch update:

Seen at AoSHQ:
"ps: Whoever wrote "All pictures of Bezos are d*ck pics", in the executive washroom..."

From "The Gipper Lives."
20190207 23:57 3dc Slinking away...
20190206 11:50 trailing wife Hi, Herb McCoy — welcome to the O Club, which is not limited to officers. :-)
20190204 13:48 trailing wife :-)
20190204 04:11 Grunter Thanks, tw. Clearing the cookies did the trick.
20190204 00:24 3dc Musk has successfully tested a production Raptor engine in Texas. Video on Twitter
20190203 21:41 SCFI Does Grunter have "NoScript" or something like this running in his browser?

Just set to trusted and you'll be good to go.

20190203 12:06 Frank G What's the frequency Kenneth?
20190203 09:36 Glenmore About 60% of our spam lately seems to be coming from Kenneth whatever.
20190203 00:25 trailing wife Thank you, gentlemen.

Grunter, did you ever get Rantburg to behave properly for you? If not, try clearing your cookies before trying again.

3dc, I don’t understand that at all. I seem to be lacking the right sort of imagination or something.
20190202 20:47 3dc

20190202 02:31 Grunter Hmmm can’t get comments to open on the burg.
20190202 02:25 Grunter Test
20190201 09:06 Deacon Blues So glad you are OK tw. Traffic accidents seem to happen at inopportune times.
20190131 20:28 Frank G How fun! Yeah....not
20190131 19:39 trailing wife Thank you, Snowy Thing. I can’t remember when my last accident was, but it’s been a while. I can’t even remember my last speeding ticket, though that was definitely more recently.
20190131 18:20 Thing From Snowy Mountain My last accident was the 2010 run-in with a Cane Truck. I'm glad you're OK.
20190131 16:32 trailing wife Well, that was exciting. On my way between hither and yon, the car was suddenly t-boned as I was turning onto the highway. Everyone is ok — except for the vehicles — and all officials were gentle and very efficient, but it was not how I intended to spend the afternoon.
20190130 21:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20190129 23:09 3dc
20190129 13:38 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20190127 06:52 trailing wife Ugh. Now they’re spamming us with partially clad photos. A time and place for everything spam-guys — but here is not it.
20190126 12:59 3dc Wretchard: The fundamental driver of the populist rebellion is the terrible realization that whether it's expensive suits or revolutionary garb they're mostly crooks
20190126 09:14 Deacon Blues P.S. I stole it from you.
20190126 09:14 Deacon Blues Just funni' Glenmore
20190125 11:51 Glenmore Sorry for stealing it - I probably saw it there and forgot where I saw it.
20190125 10:31 Deacon Blues Glenmore I posted that on my Facebook page. A Trump hater friend posted in return, "What's the difference between Nathan Phillips and Trump". I posted back, "Trump never said he was in Viet Nam when he wasn't". I have yet to get a response.
20190124 16:01 Glenmore What’s the difference between Jane Fonda and Nathan Phillips?
Jane Fonda went to Viet Nam.
20190124 12:06 49 Pan Got it, thanks
20190123 11:20 Glenmore 3dc - but it beats the alternative.
20190122 14:22 3dc 49Pan look at my post in FB about her son.
20190122 14:21 3dc
20190121 19:59 3dc SteveS - I am thinking the latest is contracted from CA or CO as it has so many references to a certain weed.
20190121 19:57 3dc Nice average photo of the earth for 2018
20190121 09:43 SteveS > American war dogs get titanium teeth.

Titanium teeth? Hah! Just wait until they get frickin' laser beams on their heads.

All this spam... I'm starting to wonder if it is some sort of Denial of Service attack.