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20170820 12:29 Pappy Ararat has its origins in Turkey (where the mountain range is,) but also attributed to ancient Hebrew. The Armenians also use it.

I figure the change to Artur is to provide 'local cover'. It's in many Slavic, Romance, and Germanic languages.

Considering Islamists change their nom de guerre on a whim (or have it assigned to them,) it's not surprising.
20170820 12:04 badanov The Artur appelation instead of Ararat I can't explain.
20170820 12:03 badanov The difference in spelling his how the Russian G is pronounced. In some regions the G is pronounced and translated as a G In others, such as in Ukraine it is treated as an H. It also depends where in the word it is and the lcoation of constants that precede it.
20170820 12:01 badanov You're right. The nmame is something else. the Sun has the name slightly changed. They call him Artur Gadzhiev.

Kots said his name was: Ararat Hajiyev
20170820 11:56 badanov That was his name preJihad.

Stand by
20170820 10:49 trailing wife Kyrgyz Akbarzhon Jalilov

That's not the name we have in the Sun article. Please add that as either an update or a comment with the link, badanov.

Violently crazy people are influenced in their choice of target by the zeitgeist and by those around him.
20170820 10:16 badanov Russian military correspondent Aleksandr Kots reports that the terrorist in Surgat in central Russia stabbed his victims in specific ways, using a video produced by ISIS on where the most vulnerable parts of the body are.

In the video itself, a man was tied to a piece of rubble. The attacker slowly carved this poor man up to demonstrate knife skills.

While even local authorities claim the man, Ararat Hajiyev, was mentally ill as the reason for his attacks, it seems clear that he was influenced by ISIS in profound ways
20170819 08:25 badanov I have a translation of an after action report of an assault landing during WWII. In that report, the army was used for artillery fire support, as Russian naval infantry were landed to probe German defenses near Murmansk. In that operation the Russians (then Soviets) used mine layers and sub chasers as troop transports.
20170819 08:21 badanov I didn't know that the Russian Baltic Fleet intends to use its KA-27 helicopter in assault landings, presumably with naval spetsnaz. Normally the bird is used on board ships as an ASW, SAR and AEW platform.

The video denotes how the Russian Army and Russian naval infantry would work together in amphibious landings, in a live fire exercise near Kaliningrad.

20170819 00:22 badanov One of the great and rare planetary events in natural history and all I can think about is how it will affect my commute Monday
20170818 23:53 Pappy From BP's article:

According to officials, a black SUV was seen fleeing the scene after the shooting.

Police are searching for two suspects who had their faces covered.

One has been described as an Asian male believed to be in his 30’s and the second is a similar age, wearing a baseball cap.

As far as I know, the Canadians don't use "Asian' as an euphemism.
20170818 18:13 swksvolFF Dang it, I think I forgot to source Sunday's TWIB, was just going to link to Amazon page. No excuses, but children made that take some 5 hours to type. Guess I can't complain, I now know everything they have been thinking of.
20170818 15:38 Bright Pebbles http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/842183/toronto-shooting-police-report-injured-suspect-escape-sherway-gardens-mall

Possible suppressed terrorism from Cananda
20170818 10:11 Bright Pebbles Turku finland stabby stabby
20170818 08:56 Pappy Morning.


The frequency of events is an important indicator of their true proportion. If there were so many Nazis around why are they so few and why was their flagship website on GoDaddy? If they are on the rise, then why are "white supremacist" statues so old instead of so recent? On the other hand, if Islamic extremism were so rare, why are attacks rising instead of falling? The relative weakness of the Nazis versus Radical Islamism can explain the emphasis on "right wing extremists". Since it's relatively easy to go after Nazis or dead Confederates compared to radical Islamists backed by oil money and guns, it is human nature to go after the low-risk bad guys.

Today the Nazis can only boast of GoDaddy websites and tiki torches. It's the Islamists that have the Scuds, poison gas, AK-47s and suicide bombs. Modern Nazism is to all intents and purposes, a dead movement. Their only real value today is to serve as a minor or spurious target whose goal is to draw attention away from a real threat. If you want to keep the public from locking in on the actual target, give them another.

Violence works like a radar reflector that returns a big fat target the media can't help but lock on to. Consequently a few hundred neo-Nazis temporarily become the center of the media world while everyone was locked on the offending statues -- until something burned through. Today ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a pedestrian mall in Barcelona that left 13 dead and a hundred injured. Suddenly the War on Statues was thrown off the front pages by the War on Terror. The Lone Wolf Narrative can be sold to the public only while attacks fall below a certain frequency. Once the attacks happen too frequently, the script fails and the public begins to wonder if the Lone Wolves aren't really a pack. Even the immense media resources at the disposal of progressives can be overcome by a strong signal from events.
20170817 22:26 Pappy Pretty decent.

Rather prefer "Le Boudin" myself, though...
20170817 20:26 badanov My latest offering, this time with the song "Soviet March" from Command and Conquer: Red Alert wargame. Not much other than the helicopter ride and song:

20170817 16:28 badanov Some Thursday afternoon Bishop Briggs:

20170817 12:03 Bright Pebbles Cough Ramblas terrorism...
20170816 21:29 badanov From Wretchard, from someone called Subotai Bahadur:
Francis Cardinal George of Chicago. A quote of his from 2010 seems on point today.

>>>>"I expect to die in bed," Francis Eugene Cardinal George famously remarked. "My successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history."<<<<

That is not a pessimistic statement. It is essentially an optimistic one. There will be a struggle, a struggle that many will not survive. But there is hope of a victory.
Such is our world. It needs to be faced clearly. Duty is as heavy as a mountain. Death is as light as a feather.

The warriors prayer:

Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be If only I had my gun; and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of brass
20170816 17:06 Shipman I remember that joke from People's Heroic Ranch 11. Along with

Faster horses, younger wymen
Any vodka and turnips.

20170816 16:36 badanov From The People's Cube:

There is an old Soviet joke about better sex under communism.

"When was your life happier, under Khrushchev or under Brezhnev?"
"Under Khrushchev, of course."
"Can you elaborate?"
"The broads were younger."
20170815 23:46 Skidmark I don't think Kim has lost steam.
20170815 23:43 Skidmark Good theme, Bad.
20170815 20:19 Pappy Evening.


Behind hue and cry over the alt-right versus ctrl-left clashes lurks the big-stakes game for control of the State. Past State tyrannies operated through control via censorship, surveillance, the criminal justice system and propaganda. After Nazism and Bolshevism, Western societies built organs for their States to protect themselves from the tyrannies' return. "We have drawn a different lesson from history", was how some European commentators reacted to the violence in Charlottesville. That lesson can be summarized thus: "strict laws against hate speech are at the heart of Europe's reckoning with the past." They'll not give up the State - just make sure that it never falls into the 'wrong hands'. What happens in riots is unimportant except as it affects control of the State.

For Progressives, survival means retaining ascendance over the American State. For the Rebel Red or Populist side, the goal is merely to keep the American State from being ascendant over them. If Progressives don't win, they lose. Consider Google's firing of James Damore for questioning the company's diversity policies. It wasn't about opinion, it was about control. Everyone can have an opinion but only one side can be in control.

But sooner or later the costs of witch hunting will be too high. A Progressive movement that has routinely regarded the pacification of Vietnam, Iraq, or Cuba as uneconomical must realize the suppression of half of America is infeasible. The raised tone and heightened warnings of the cultural elite is reminiscent of lion-tamers shouting to keep the beasts under control. For Progressives, the show means controlling the Rebel lions. For the Rebels, if they don't lose they win. All they have to do to end the performance is walk out of the ring. They don't even have to bite the tamers.
20170815 19:05 badanov The left has the media, the government and many, many people on their side. All we have left is God. Considering the alternative, that's not the worst news I've heard.
20170815 16:40 badanov I settled for The Reaper:

20170815 13:02 3dc NPO Energomash NOT Ukraine - see article.
I suspect the engines entered NKor by rail from Russia.