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20181117 10:19 Glenmore TW, hope all goes as well as it did for a professor on my dissertation committee, back in the mid '70s. He is retired now, and stopped publishing research a few years ago, but is still living.
20181117 10:01 swksvolFF Very likely no TWIB for a couple weekends...but the smoker is going, coffee over there, tea is brewing.

It is basketball season out thisaways. Matchup the other day, team huddled together and sang the National Anthem in the hallway before tipoff. Great acoustics, except it must have kicked out some dust.
20181116 23:12 trailing wife I’m so very glad I met you all! The hospital sent final daughter home for the weekend, since they don’t actually need her until 5:30 Monday morning.
20181116 22:57 Frank G Prayers as well
20181116 22:54 Jan Thx TW, took a break from politics/Internet but it kept sucking me back in. I worked hard volunteering on the local level for Walker Stapleton's campaign here in CO, we are so screwed with Polis. Meeting with neighbors at our tea party brainstorming to see what we can do differently so this loss doesn't repeat in 2020.
20181116 22:20 newc Prayers
Me love you long time.
20181116 21:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain Just getting donw with werk for tonight, it's Friday and it's dark, tw, otherwise I'd call.

(Well, that and my phone is dead-ish).

I hope everything turns out well.

20181116 09:15 trailing wife *sigh* The surgery is postponed for the second time in as many days, preempted by someone else’s emergency. Monday is now the big day, so we’ll see.

I should be grateful ours is not an emergency, but it would be nice if final daughter could get on with healing.
20181116 09:09 49 Pan We are praying for her...
20181116 08:34 Deacon Blues Here's praying everything goes well, tw.
20181116 02:00 trailing wife Thank you, Jan. We’ve missed you — what have you been up to?
20181116 00:36 Jan Prayers TW, stay strong
20181116 00:20 trailing wife Prayers, please, that the open chest surgery final daughter will undergo this afternoon, a pericardiectomy to repair years of damage resulting from an illness when she was ffteen, and the sleep study trailing daughter #1 is enjoying tonight, will be as life-changing as their doctors hope.
20181114 19:30 49 Pan Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes.
D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes?
[350,000] vote swing to D Sen?

Welcome to AZ, just how many republicans swung to the left, it all smells like corruption to me...
20181114 00:08 trailing wife Your comment was clearly not spam, 49 Pan. :-)
20181113 22:18 49 Pan That was me from my work computer, thanks MODs for looking out for me!
20181113 19:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'll believe in the French critique of Nationalism when they give up their parochial little national language for a real lingua franca like English.
20181113 17:59 SteveS You call that a pickup truck? *This* is a pickup truck. The Shelby F-150.
Just one more reason America is the greatest country on Earth.
20181113 11:32 49 PAN ***SPAM? 1*** Trump need to nominate Goudy to replace RBG on the SC.
20181110 19:04 trailing wife swksvFF: TWIB is ready to roll for tomorrow, when it will be fully appreciated by all and sundry. :-) I’m glad you have the time and energy for such endeavours once again.
20181110 18:50 swksvolFF Book thread in.

So daughter's class is going to do a book report on some dang book featuring a character who looks different from everyone else. To which I replied to my wife, "Gosh, can't they just watch that movie Mask and call it good? I mean, seriously, after watching two hours of Cher's acting that should more than enough count."

Wife laughs, tells me I'm going to hell.
20181107 11:55 trailing wife Mr. Wife brings me such interesting people. This Hungarian gentleman won the International Blues Competition in Memphis as a soloist in 2013, and has been nominated for multiple industry awards.

Update: Pooh. I don’t know why the YouTube window didn’t pop up — I copied it directly from badanov’s post, below —but here is the link:
20181106 20:11 Frank G Liked Chris Cornell
20181105 22:03 badanov Some Monday evening Audioslave:

20181105 21:50 SteveS Tomorrow is Election Day. Remember: Vote early and vote often.
20181105 13:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Baby!
20181105 13:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Orange Man May Be Bad, But It's The Only Jib I got!
20181105 07:56 Deacon Blues No problem Glenmore. I quoted a line from a Monty Python skit about Spam.
20181104 23:54 trailing wife :-)
20181104 12:27 Frank G frequent mowings
20181104 01:17 trailing wife A smaller bunch, though whether that betokens less enthusiasm for the activity or shorter intervals between lawn mowings, I could not possibly say.
20181102 20:38 Frank G and another bunch. I hate spammers. A curse upon them
20181102 10:36 Glenmore Sorry, Deacon, screen shifted as I clicked. Your dislike of spam is noted.
20181102 10:31 Glenmore Spams still running at least a dozen per hour.
20181101 18:19 trailing wife Yes, they have been busy.
20181031 08:50 Glenmore 13 spams per hour since the last real post.
20181030 08:46 Skidmark
20181030 01:29 trailing wife Whew! Lots of spam today.
20181028 17:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain TW, I've gotten used to it. I guess. Everything is written on water, so I just try to remember where my towel is.